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Running head: ASD ASSESSMENT1ASD ASSESSMENTStudent NameInstitution
ASD ASSESSMENT2Cover letterChild Development ClinicHealthy Children5th Street, VICC 3338To Doctor Eliza SpenceDevelopment PediatricianNorthern Districts Community HospitalMain Road, Charlestown, VIC 3999RE: ASD ASSESSMENTThis is regarding your referral of Sam Brown to my assessment clinic. I have seen Sam Brownand carried out assessments related to ASD using three tools; Mullen Scales of Early Learning,Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, and Autism Diagnostic Interview. These have helpedin determining, whether or not, the delay in language and communication skills, and repetitivebehavior is related to autism.Sam Brown was responsive in the assessment. Also, his parents were quite helpful in providinginformation related to his development. In summary, the results showed by the assessment toolsshowed no significant abnormalities related to his growth. However, it was noted that Sam
ASD ASSESSMENT3Brown had not well-mastered movements and interaction with new people which is not normalfor children at his age. Nevertheless, the child is experiencing a healthy growth, but I findreasonable reasons to associate his delay in communication and repetitive behavior to autism. Ihave attached a report on the assessment done on the child. In case of any question, kindlycontact me.Yours faithfullyJoanna SmithCase study ReportThis report based on an ASD assessment done by Sam Brown. He was born on 25thJanuary 2011. This report provides information gotten from assessments on Mullen Scales ofEarly Learning, Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, and Autism Diagnostic Interview.ASD refers to a group of disorders like autism, Asperger's syndrome and pervasivedevelopmental disorder. However, autism is more common among them. These disorders areconsidered developmental because they appear during early years of children's development.Difficulties experienced by children with this disorder are grouped into three categories; verbaland non-verbal communication, social awareness and interaction, and activities and interest. Thisreport describes Sam Brown's results in all the categories based on Mullen Scales of EarlyLearning, Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, and Autism Diagnostic Interview.
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