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PSYC711 Assessment and Intervention in Addiction

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Auckland University of Technology


Assessment and Intervention in Addiction (PSYC711)


Added on  2020-02-24

PSYC711 Assessment and Intervention in Addiction


Auckland University of Technology


Assessment and Intervention in Addiction (PSYC711)

   Added on 2020-02-24

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PSYC711 Assessment and Intervention in Addiction_1
IntroductionThis paper outlines and clearly explains the intervention plan to be used to help out Gemma with her alcoholism problem. The paper is a systematic explanation of the steps and actions to be taken in order to understand Gemmas problem and the way to deal with each and every problem. The intervention plan is prepared based on the research conducted in assessment task one. The treatment plan begins with analyzing the state of mind of the patient. The treatment plan is a combination of psychological therapy and medical treatment. This is followed by an outline of an outstanding harm reduction plan to gradually help Gemma overcome the struggles she is undergoing. The demonstration of relapse prevention methods will be used to help the patient. Relapse prevention techniques are the actions and procedures that will be undertaken to ensure that the patient does not fall back to the addiction behavior. Gemma will be encouraged to acquire new friends and keep herself busy with other stuff in order to prevent her from going back to the drinking habit. The ethical issues such as maintaining a professional relationship with the patient are discussed at length. The legal issues that are important in the practice such as ensuring that the treatment does not put the life of the patient in danger and the rights of the patient are not violated. Social cultural issues arising as a result of alcoholism are also discussed in detail.Assessment of Gemma`s readiness for changeFrom the analysis of the previous assessment, it is quite clear that the various causes of alcoholism for Gemma have been determined and clearly outlined. The preparationof the treatment plan is made using the first assessment as the guide. The first step in the treatment plan is determining the extent to which Gemma is prepared for change. It is important to convince Gemma of the importance of solving the alcoholism condition that she is facing and be determined to get professional help. This will be done by asking Gemma questions such as:Do you think that you alcoholism is affecting your life negatively?
PSYC711 Assessment and Intervention in Addiction_2
Do you believe you can get help with the alcoholism problem and do you believe you can completely kick away the drinking habit?The answers from these questions will help in identifying the approach to be used to assist Gemma. If Gemma is not ready for treatment we need to conduct therapy sections to help convince the patient on the significance of this exercise.Gathering of an intervention teamAn intervention team is important in planning and helping to implement the treatment plan. The intervention team for Gemma will be composed of the following people: Gemma who is the patient,her father and her mother as well as other family members willing to participate. The team will also be composed of Gemmas` close friends. 3 reformed addicts will also be recruited in order to give speeches to Gemma and demonstrate the effects of alcoholism and show her how they were able to overcome addiction. Each member of the team will speak during the sections in order to give their personal experiences with alcoholism.Objective of the interventionThe objective of this intervention plan is to help Gemma abstain from using alcohol completely. This will be a process the objective is expected to be achieved within 6 months.Role of family members in the treatment processIt is also crucially important to involve family members in this process. Close family members such as her father, mother, or brothers will be involved in designing a treatment plan since they are important part of the student’s life. The family members will be informed of the importance of the treatment process. The family members willbe informed of the role they are expected to perform in helping Gemma. The first and most important step is ensuring that Gemma`s father deals with his alcohol problem so as to reduce the stress that Gemma is experiencing due to his fathers` drinking problem. Since this was determined as one of the core influences of Gemmas` drinking problem, it is important to ensure that her father’s drinking habits do not affect her directly. This will be easily solved by helping her father to stop drinking. Her father will be informed on how the drinking habits have negatively influenced her
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