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Running head: PSYCHO1PSYCHO: ARTICLE SUMMARY ESSAYStudent’s Name:Institution’s Name:Course Title:Date:
PSYCHO2Psycho: Article Summary EssayHitchcock’s 1960’s masterpiece “Psycho” is still considered as a trendsetter. Theimmaculate infusion and amalgamation of suspense, thrill and psychological theories hasmade the movie an immortal one in the genre of psychological thriller. In order to understandthe essence of the movie it is imperative to analyze the article, “Hitchcock’s Conscious Useof Freud’s Unconscious,” in which Sandis () has put much emphasis on the intricaterelationship between Hitchcock’s masterpiece and the Freudian hypothesis.Sandis (2009) has pointed out that in the movie, “Psycho,” Hitchcock dauntlesslyused the concept of psychoanalysis as popularized and propounded by Freud. But despitebeing influenced by the Freudian ideology and theory, what Sandis (2009) has suggested isthat, Hitchcock has actually tried to demonstrate his apathy towards thoroughly believing inthe validity of the psychoanalytic theory and practice. Sandis (2009) has pointed out that, inthe movie, “Psycho,” Hitchcock has actually tried to mock the Freudian theory in a thoroughand explicit manner. Even though the genius of Hitchcock compelled him to appreciate theattractiveness of the Freudian psychoanalytic theory, in the movie, “Psycho,” the director didinfuse the charm and essence of the Freudian legacy. Hitchcock’s appreciation of Freudiantheory is quite visible in “Psycho.” Through the cinematography and plot what Hitchcock diddepict in the movie was his interest towards exploring the Freudian aesthetics. Moreover,what Sandis (2009) has pointed out is that, throughout the movie “Psycho” (1960) Hitchcockhas rendered efforts to bring before the audience some of the specific Freudian concepts thathad only been theorized prior to the release of the movie. Sandis (2009) has noted that themasterly blending of the unconscious with the dreams and the amalgamation of guilt withrepression that had been the hallmark of “Psycho” are actually the outcome of Hitchcock’saffection towards Freudian theory of psychoanalysis. The contradiction between the conceptof divided mind and scientific validity that has often been the focus of Freudian discussion
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