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Running Head: Psycho 1960PSYCHO 1960

Psycho 19601IntroductionThe aim of this study is to watch the film Psycho 1960 and what do you learn from it and make asummary of it. Psycho is a horror film that has been written by Joseph Stefano in the year 1960 (Beja, 1979).Thesis statement The thesis statement in this article tells about Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho is the sheer of the unexpectedness of the murder of Marion Crane in the hands of Norman Bates.Summary of ArticleThe story begins wherein we are introduced with a real estate secretary, Marion Crane who isdiscussing with her boyfriend Sam Loomis that they cannot afford to get married. The reasonwhich she gave is Sam's debts. After lunch, she wrote to work where her boss asked her todeposit 40,000 dollars cash payments which a client drop off for a property in the bank. Seeingthe money, she begins to pack her bag deciding to steal the money so that Sam debts would beclear and they will afford to get married. During her journey, she encountered a rain storm and decided to stop at the Bates Motel for anight. The proprietor, Norman Bates, invites her for a dinner which she accepts. Later she hearsan argument between Norman and his mother regarding bringing women in their house. Normantells her about his hobby of taxidermy and that his mother is mentally ill. Returning to her homeMarion decides to go back to Phoenix and return to stolen money. When she prepares to take abath Norman spies on her.

Psycho 19602During her bathing, a shadowy female figure suddenly comes and killed her with a chef's Knife.Norman becomes the eye-witness of that murder, cleans the crime seems, put her corps into thetrunk of her car and sink it near the motel. A week later her sister Lila confronts Sam aboutMarion's whereabouts. Arbogast, a private investigator, approaches them and declares thatMarion's has steel Rs 40,000 dollars. Eventually, he came across Bates Motel where he heardthat Marion had met Norman's mother. He tried to speak to her, but Norman refuses. This arosehis suspicions. He goes to Bates home where Mrs. Bates suddenly appears and murders him. Onthe other hand, Lila and Sam were informed that Mrs. Bates has been dead for ten years as shekilled herself and her lover. (Simpson, P. L. 2000).After hearing this Lila and Sam make their way to the motel. There Norman took his unwillingmother to the fruit cellar to hide her. After reaching the motel Lila and Sam met Norman whereSam, Marion’s boyfriend, distract Norman by indulging him in a conversation while Lila sneaksup to the house. When Norman realized something suspicious regarding what they want herushes to his house. Seeing that Norman is approaching her, Lila tries to hide by goingdownstairs, the way which leads to cellar, place where her Norman's unwilling mother washidden. She finds Mrs. Bates sitting there, but when she turned around her, she discovers that itwas a mummified corps. (Hitchcock, A, 1960)Norman with a chief’s knife and wearing her mother’s cloth attacked Lila, but eventually, Samsubdues him. So from here, we found that there was no person like Norman's mother, butNorman was acting like a lady wearing her mother's cloth and a wig. If he was the one who wasplaying the role of his mother, then we come across the question with whom he was conversingwhen Marion stays at the Bates motel. As we proceed in the story, we came across the fact that at

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