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Psychological and Growth Issues in Children Growth Paper

Added on - 15 Apr 2020

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Running head: FOLIO1FolioNameInstitute
FOLIO2FOLIOSCENARIO 3: TOPIC: RELATIONSHIP WITH SELF RESOURCE FOCUSINTRODUCTIONChildhood is a stage of growth and development the ideas of a humanistic mind isideologies in a way that, the main focus is on him/her self, their own identity. There is the aspectof interpersonal is normally associated with this kind of resource. People tend to focus onthemselves more. This can be brought up many things, in our scenario is Margot a two-year-oldchild. She is experiencing stranger anxiety: she is having difficult time trying to adopt to daycare and new people, this common with children at her age. The paper provides an analysis ofcase by case on the psychological and growth issues affecting the children in the process of theirrespective growth.Margot falls within the age -bracket of normal child and belongs to an age-appropriate forher to act in the matter she does, she is still very sensitive to changes. Once a child has got overthe initial Separation and anxiety, there is an increase in their chances of initial socialization.Children tend to be extremely resilient but through social interaction activities like playinggames, reading books has a major impact in the lives of children, as it tends to bring themtogether hence their quick adjustment to that setting.One method of helping Margot transition in childcare without any problems is to ensure,that she is comfortable with the surroundings, ensure the staff are friendly and they are excitedabout this new experience. Margot will pick up the emotions from her mother, this way she willrelate more comfortable with the other children at day care and the staff too.Children respond differently to separation from their parents. Her refusal to eat and sleepis one of the ways she is trying to respond the new surroundings, her aggressive behavior
FOLIO3suggests the effects of separation. The attachment theory that excites between the mother andMargot is because; she is physically accessible to her at all times. Any sort of separation from theMargot whether long term or short term will affect the child negatively. As they get older, theyare able to tolerate physical distance from their mothers. Children learn through their explanatorybehaviors, this will have an influence on how he /she is going to experience his newenvironment. Behavioral stages of children are best defined as continues rather than fixed agecategories.Various ways of exposure are necessary to take into account in terms of discoveringbehavioral characteristics.There is another recommendation that parents might first reconsider in order to enhanceproductive learning at the day care. Margot mother should be spending more time with Margot atthe day care before it begins, this will enable the mother to introduce Margot to the commonactivities she has been undertaking at home, also let the child choose and observe the classrooms,this tends to make the child get very comfortable with this new environment. A farewell cultureshould be established between the children and their parents.In conclusion this principal, is majority characterized by behavioral change as a result ofintroduction the new environment and the effect it has on the daily activities of Margot who isvery sensitive to this new change and adjusts to it with time.
FOLIO4SCENARIO 4: TOPIC: RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHERS RESOURCE FOCUSINTRODUCTIONJanine is an 8-year-old child that is having a difficult time trying to accept the separation;she has developed an attitude towards everyone around because of what is going on in her life.This situation has affected negatively she is struggling with what is happening. She hasdeveloped an attitude. Different children register varied reaction towards separation. In somecases, children can respond positively in cases of separation while others find themselves inunmanageable situations thus need counseling and utmost care. The case explains the attituderegistered by Janine in the case.An attitude is an expression of likes and dislikes towards someone or something. Janinehad a special attachment to her cousins and their parents, their separation has affected hernegatively, therefore she is likely be defensive and completely shut down. The client remains insolitude and does not wish to interact with the rest of individuals apart from those whose socialcircle appealed to her initially.The actions of her father make, have caused her to build a wall between her and those around,she feels left out, this is quite normal for children around this ae, because she feels like hercousins are going to replace her in her father’s life, she is little and might doesn’t understandwhat actually her father is doing for her cousins. She is devastated by this sudden change ofthings. As a result, she has become an egocentric child as evidenced in the nature of herbehavior.
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