Psychological Perspectives


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Key Names in Psychology
Wilhelm Wundt is the founder of Psychology and also performed
the first experiment of Psychology “Atoms of the Mind”
William James is known for functionalism created the first textbook
of psychology.
Edward Titchner is known for self-reflective introspection by
contributing in Structuralism.
Stanley G. Hall is the first Psych lab which is situated in USA.
Paul Broca is the Broca’s area which is known for language
production in the frontal left lobe.
Roger Sperry is the Hemispheric specialization in the split brain
Carl Wernicke is Wernicke’s area which is the language
comprehenrion in the left temporal lobe (Fossa, P., 2018).
What is Psychology?
Psychology is basically studying the mind and behaviour
scientifically. It is a well-rounded and protean discipline in which
the scientists have to study about its various sub-fields of study
areas including human development, clinical, sports health,
cognitive processes and social behaviour. It also deals in
encompassing the biological impacts, pressures of social
environment along with the environmental concerns that affects
people’s thoughts, actions and feelings (Malvezzi, 2016). If
individuals gain a deeper and richer insights related to psychology,
then they can achieve better understanding about their own actions
as well as of others. Psychology is mainly used in the field of
mental health where psychologists make use of the research,
principles and the findings in managing and overcoming the
symptoms of mental and psychological illness.
Evaluation of contribution
The psychological biology also knows as the behavioural
neuroscience, the study of physiology on the bases of
It is a theoretical approach to psychology that attempt and
try to explain useful and mental psychological trait.
Scientific criteria Supporting
research evidence
research evidence
Control Biological
pressure and
The evolution
Objectivity To develop the
Cause and effect Development in
biological factor
Biological factor
to utilise
Replicability Evolution development
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