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Psychology Assignment 1.1 - Practical and Theoretical PsychologyConflict Management: The Theory of ADRManaging diversity should be considered an important aspect of management in thepresent era of globalization and economic liberalization. In the past, in my organization, I havewitnessed how the failure on the part of the management to manage diversity did eventuallyresult in the growth and development of conflict within a team. The conflict arose as a result ofthe cultural conflict that occurred between some members of the team, and if the managementwould have been equipped with diversity management skills then such conflict would not havetaken place.If the management would have been equipped with the skill of diversity management,then it would have been easier for the team leader to understand that employees belonging todifferent cultural background have their own view of cooperation, collaboration andindividuality. This understanding would have made it possible for the team leader to accept thedifferences in approaches and ideologies on the part of the conflicting team members. Moreover,if the theory of diversity management would have been properly implemented by themanagement then the team leader would have been in a position to resolve the conflict before thesame reached the manifest stage.In respect to resolution of the conflict that took place in the past, I must say thatimplementation of the theory of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) should have beenpractically implemented in order to save the team from inefficiency and poor performance. Thetheory of ADR became popular since 1970s and today also the popularity of processes likearbitration and mediation is undeniable and quite evident (Lipsky & Avgar, 2008). It must benoted that “The conventional explanation for the rise of ADR in the workplace rests on the
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