Psychology Assignment 5.1.

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Psychology Assignment 5.1Human SensesThough considered the best of natural creations, human beings lack some specific qualities thatare constituted in other animals. For an instance rats can see more clearly than humans at night;eagles have a clearer distant vision, whereas horses have a wider visual field. Being a humanbeing right now I am unable to see through dark nights the beauty of my natural surroundings.But if my sense of vision would have been better, I would have seen through the darkness andobserve how in darkness the natural aspects seem thoroughly different than what they look likeat day time. I would have been able to see the reflections of physical objects at night clearly thanever (“Chapter 6: Sensation and Perception”, 2017). Enhancement in my vision would haveenabled me to increase that sensation of mine that is used for the detection of physical energyemitted or reflected by physical objects both during day and night (“Chapter 6: Sensation andPerception”, 2017).Like lacking in terms of better eyesight, human beings also lag behind some other specificanimals in terms of the listening capabilities. If I would have been provided with a betterauditory sense I would have listened to the high frequency sounds that are usually heard by bats.Moreover, I would have been able to listen to my professor’s lectures without entering the class;on my way to college as my capability of hearing conversation occurring in distant places wouldhave been magically increased.But I must confess that if I would have been gifted with better chemical senses, including tasteand smelling, I would not have been able to eat certain foods due to actual smells of the
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