Tutorial Activities (Solved)

Added on - May 2020

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Running Head- Tutorial Activities1Name of the student-Topic: Tutorial ActivitiesUniversity Name-
Tutorial Activities2In this report, tutorial activities have been taken into consideration. It is evaluated that tutorialactivities should be prepared on the basis of student’s choice of actions and which could fit to theclass. In these tutorial activities, total 5 teachers having vast level of general knowledge havebeen selected. These members will provide a tutorial activity in which all the students wouldindulge in thinking about the world outside their bubbles.Overview of tutorial activityThis tutorial activity is used to develop student’s understanding and the way they thinks at thetime of complex situation. In this tutorial activity students will be given sudden topic and thattopic they have to speak up some words. This level of game will increase their divergent thinkingand critical mind set. In this tutorial activity, students would select a topic card from theenvelope and will be given few minutes to think on that particular topic. This level of changesand teaching program will allow students to think beyond their bookish language and speak upthe thoughts on their own. This tutorial activity will help students to use divergent thinking whiledoing this tutorial activity. This will assist them to understand the find out the solution in suddenproblems (Collins and Kneale, 2014).Reason of selection of this tutorial activityThis tutorial activity has been selected on the basis of its wide level of benefits and practicalapproach to overcome stage fears of students. This tutorial activity will showcase how studentscould mitigate stage fear issues through their divergent thinking process. Moreover, at the sametime, it will increase the overall learning path and confidence to face sudden problems. However,all the topics and issues in envelope will be related to general knowledge. These topics are very
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