Psychology Assignment Effect of Humor on Stress

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1PSYCHOLOGYStress is an unhelpful negative emotion and both men and women are victim of it.Humour is known to improve mental and physical well being. The aim of the assignment is todiscuss the effect of humour on stress in men and women.Humour help people adapt to stress. Centuries ago Freud pointed out that humour can beused to cope with the stress in life and considered a healthy method. In the book, “Adaptation toLife” by George Valliant humour was found to be effective coping mechanism for professionalmen under stress. It was evident from several in-depth interviews conducted, for professionalmen under stress. In the book Pathfinders, Gail shetty reported that humour has positive effect onboth men and women in stress. As per the Canadian study, people who can actively access thehumour in middle of stress have increased mental resilience. This skill makes a personemotionally flexible as humour distracts them from chain of turbulent thoughts. It improves themental wellbeing (Chang Tsai & Hsieh, 2013).Psychological studies with cancer patients showed that the humour and laughter pushthem to create joy in life. In the study with cancer survivors, both male and female participantsnarrated stories of humour and describe it as useful strategy to deal with stress. During theperiod of diagnosis and treatment of life threatening illness, humour helped the cancer patients toregain their identity (Roaldsen et al., 2015). Kim et al. (2015) examined the effect of thetherapeutic laugher session on breast cancer patients. As per the results only a single session waseffective in reducing stress, depression and anxiety in women caused by breast cancer. Theresults recommend humour and laugher session as the first line alternative complementarytherapy for the breast cancer patients. The patients reported that they could have two hours ofpain free sleep due to ten minutes of humour. Humour worked like anaesthesia and relievedphysical tension (, 2017).
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