Psychology Assignment: Mental Health Issues

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Running head:PSYCHOLOGY1PsychologyName of the student:Name of the university:Author Note:
PSYCHOLOGY2IntroductionThe following article analyses six sources in the light of mental illness and objectifies thevarious grounds of discrimination faced by people suffering from mental health issues.DiscussionWilson, L. C., Ballman, A. D., &Buczek, T. J. (2016). News Content About Mass Shootingsand Attitudes Toward Mental Illness.Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly,93(3),644-658.The authors highlighted the effect of media messages about mass shootings on members'states of mind toward individuals with psychological maladjustment. This article quotes aboutthe different views of students and their attitudes towards the discriminated group by a randomexperiment. The major drawback of the article lies in the absence of expert informationregarding mental health. The article majorly highlights the news regarding the mass shootingsand lacks relevant information for further researches in the field of psychology.Gee, G. C., Ryan, A., Laflamme, D. J., & Holt, J. (2006). Self-reported discrimination andmental health status among African descendants, Mexican Americans, and other Latinos inthe New Hampshire REACH 2010 Initiative: the added dimension ofimmigration.American Journal of Public Health,96(10), 1821-1828.This article pointed that self-reported discrimination or race based unfair treatment isrelated to one’s poor mental health status. The article highlights topics such as stress, trauma,internal oppression, barriers in health care and various other social and economic disadvantagesas the causes for mental illness. According to the article, all the minority groups includingportion of immigrants of the US experiences racial discrimination. The article mainly quotes therelation between the poor health status and ethnic discrimination by a secondary analysis of acommunity intervention accumulating findings of decreasing mental health status of immigrantsrelated to experience with racial discrimination and their access to quality health care.
PSYCHOLOGY3McLaughlin, K. A., Hatzenbuehler, M. L., & Keyes, K. M. (2010). Responses todiscrimination and psychiatric disorders among Black, Hispanic, female, and lesbian, gay,and bisexual individuals.American journal of public health,100(8), 1477-1484.According to the authors, the role of discrimination as a determinant of health hassuddenly become a highlighted issue of research. The hurting effects of isolation on passionatehealth, particularly, are continuously apparent. Encounters of partition, paying little respect towhether in perspective of race/ethnicity, sexual presentation, or sex, have been associated withascends in mental agony and signs of psychopathology. This article examined connectionbetween observed partition in light of ethnicity, sex; responses to isolation experiences; andissues related to mental health. Dark respondents revealed the most abnormal amounts ofseparation, trailed by LGB, Hispanic, and female respondents. This article hence quotesrelevancy to the concept that Psychiatric disorders are more common among people revealingdiscriminatory experiences associated with mental dismalness.Johns, M. M., Zimmerman, M., Harper, G. W., &Bauermeister, J. A. (2017). Resilientminds and bodies: Size discrimination, body image, and mental health among sexualminority women.Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity,4(1), 34.In this article, the author analyzes the connection between estimate segregation and theemotional wellness of sexual minority ladies, and discovers prove that self-perception might bean imperative mental resource accessible to sexual minority ladies who experience measureseparation. The aftereffects of this investigation bolster a connection between body size,segregation, and depressive manifestations as present among sexual minority ladies. Theproposal got from this analysis is that general wellbeing interventionists basically analyze themessages they show around body size and wellbeing, so as not to undermine the psychologicalwellness of sexual minority ladies.
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