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psychology. [Document subtitle]. The testing of the psy

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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PSYCHOLOGY[Document subtitle]
The testing of the psychology is known as the assessment of psychology which is the foundationof how the psychologist understands the individual along with its traits of the behavior.Thepsychological tests differ depending on the aspects of the psychology of a person. For example,some tests are being used to determine the personality, IQ, etc. Whereas, some tests show thestrong base of evidence as compared to some other tests. The different type of tests areDupuis,(M., Meier, E., Capel, R., & Gendre, F. 2015)-Clinical interview- this interview is conducted by the professionals of the health in orderto gather the family and the personal information of an individual. This type of test isused by the social workers of the clinic, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, etc. Theduration of the test is 1-2 hours. The test is simply used by interacting with the individualin order to gather the information.Intellectual functioning assessment- the test is conducted to measure the intellectualfunctions of an individual. This can be done by the assessment of neuropsychology andthe tests of intelligence. This helps in determining the deficits and the strengths of thecognitive. This test is done for the persons who have suffered the brain damage, anorganic problem of a brain and the dysfunction. The tests are being used by theprofessionals.Personality test- the test is conducted to test the personality traits of an individual. Thetest includes projective, and the objective but the objective type is being commonly used.The test is being used by the professionals, and the tests are used to measure the traits ofthe personality like hypomania, paranoia, femininity, introversion, etc. The 16 basic traitsof the personality are given to the person in order to see in which trait he lies and helpsthe professional to measure their actual traits of the personality.
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