Psychology Lab Report- SPSS

Added on - 02 Feb 2020

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ABSTRACTChange blindness is the one of the mainphenomenonfrom today which number of people aresuffered in the current time period. In past time period number of research studies are carried outin this regard and on same it is identified that in case of children’s and youngsters there is hugedifference in the change blindness. It can be said that with passage of time impact of thisphenomenon in the human body increased at rapid rate. In the current research report detailedanalysis of data is carried out in the SPSS and on this basis it is identified that with change in agegroup from young age to old status of phenomenon remain almost similar. Means the infant stagethis phenomenon impact changed consistently but after reaching to young age its impact remainstable. It can be said that wide area is covered in the current research study because under thisdetail investigation is carried out on age and gender factor in respect to mentioned phenomenon.
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