Psychology of Perception & Communication (Doc)

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Running head: PSYCHOLOGY OF PERCEPTION &COMMUNICATION 1Psychology of Perception & CommunicationStudent’s NameInstitutional Affiliation
PSYCHOLOGY OF PERCEPTION & COMMUNICATION21. Creating emotionThe three emotions from Plutchik’s wheel2. Creative processFear is what drives some of my behavior and so it is critical in my life and its presence is non-negotiable. That is why it has a medium color. For example, fear of diseases makes me maintainhigh levels of hygiene. Joy takes up a larger portion because it makes a basic part of my life. Ialways strive to maintain my happiness and that is why it has a bright color. Sadness is also partof me because a lot of things also happen to me that make me lose my morale and thus it has adark color.FearFearJoyJoySadnessSadness
PSYCHOLOGY OF PERCEPTION & COMMUNICATION33. Rationalea)) This picture shows that my emotions are quite well organized because I am able todecide how and where to display my emotions. I am able to keep myself away from risksand the same time enjoy myself because I can control my emotions strategically.b)The emotions in this picture reflect the true nature of what goes on in my daily lifeoccurrences. For example, the portion of joy is larger than the rest meaning my life isquite a happy one but is hit with challenges which bring about fear and sadness.4. Examples of your creativitya)) List the six resources of creativity found in peoplei) Intellectual ability- according to Goldberg (2011), people search for complicated solutionswhile simple ones are easier to implement and I know that I am able to come up with quick andsimple solutions.ii) Knowledge- I am able to analyze problems effectively from their root cause and as a result Iam able to come up with possible solutions.iii) Thinking styles- I am able to distinguish between ideas or things that will be helpful to meand those that are a waste of time.iv) Personality- I am not much of a risk taker but I am able to overcome obstacles and work hardto improve myself further.v) Motivation- I am mostly motivated to perform a task I have a clear definition of or a task thathas a reward attached on it.
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