PUBH 6033 Interpretation and Application of Public Health Data

Added on - 10 May 2020

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PUBH 6033—Week 7 Assignment 1Comparing two means: When drink drove a student to statistics(Rubric included)InstructionsFor this assignment, youreview this week’s Learning Resourcesand then perform a two-sampleindependent t test and an ANOVA related to the dataset that was utilized in the week 2 SPSSapplication assignment. Import the data into SPSS; or, if you correctly saved the data file inWeek 2, you may open and use that saved file to complete this assignment. Type your answersto all questions directly into the worksheet, and paste the required output at the end of thisdocument.Submit this Application Assignment by Day 7.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Research ScenarioA study was conducted to determine if a walking plus strength training exercise program resultsin a significantly greater increase in aerobic capacity as compared to a walking only exerciseprogram. Participants are randomly selected and then randomly assigned to one of theexercise groups. Participants’ aerobic endurance was assessed at the beginning of the studyand, again, after 6-months of exercise.Coding for study variables:AGEage in yearsSEX1 =male, 2=femaleEXERCISE—1=walking and strength training; 2 = walking;CHNG_ENDUR—change in maximal oxygen uptake (liters per minute)from pre-test topost-test---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Note: Save all of your SPSS output. You will paste copies in Steps 7–9, below.Step 1:Review this week’s Learning Resources.Step 2:Import the Microsoft Excel data file provided in this week’s Learning Resources intoSPSS (or open saved file from Week 2 Application Assignment).Step 3:Run and save the Codebook for your SPSS data fileStep 4:Conduct an independent samples t test to determine if there is a difference betweenthe exercise type 1 in terms of changes inmaximal oxygen uptake. Note that the independent© 2017 Laureate Education, Inc.Page1of5
variable is EXERCISE, and the dependent variable is CHNG_ENDUR. For this analysis, choose atwo-tailed test of significance.Step 5:Conduct a between-subjects ANOVA to determine if there is a difference between sex(males vs. females) and CHNG_ENDUR. Note that the independent variable is SEX, and thedependent variable is CHNG_ENDUR. For this analysis, choose a two-tailed test of significance.Step 6:Review your SPSS output and answer each of the following questions:QUESTIONtype answers belowScore (to be enteredby instructor)From the independent samples t-test output:1.What is the mean CHNG_ENDUR for group 1?____4.85________________/ 3 points2.What is the CHNG_ ENDUR standard deviationfor group 1?____1.424________________/ 3 points3.What is the mean CHNG_ENDUR for group 2?3.50____________________/ 3 points4.What is the CHNG_ ENDUR standard deviationfor group 2?_1.821___________________/ 3 points5.What is the value of the t statistic (equalvariances assumed)?______2.611______________/ 3 points6.What is the probability that the obtained tstatistic was simply due to chance as opposedto actual exercise type differences [see “Sig(two-tailed)” on output]?______0.013______________/ 3 points7.Are the results statistically significant at alpha =0.05 (yes or no)?_____Yes_______________/ 3 points8.Based on the results, do you reject or fail toreject the null hypothesis?____reject nullhypothesis________________/ 3 pointsFrom the ANOVA output:9.What is the mean CHNG_ENDUR for males?____4.32________________/ 3 points10.What is the CHNG_ENDUR standard deviationfor males?_______1.729_____________/ 3 points11.What is the mean CHNG_ENDUR for females?______4.00______________/ 3 points12.What is the CHNG_ENDUR standard deviationfor females?_____1.815_______________/ 3 points13.What is the calculated F-value?______0.321______________/ 3 points14.What is the probability (noted as “Sig” onoutput) that the obtained F-value was simply____0.575________________/ 3 points© 2017 Laureate Education, Inc.Page2of5
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