PUBH 6033 : Interpretation and Application of Public Health Assignment

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Fall 2017PUBH 6033—Week 5 Assignment:Steps to Hypotheses Testing(Rubric included)InstructionsFor this Assignment, review this week’s Learning Resources, including the 5 step approach tohypothesis testing document. Read the research scenario, below, and then answer thequestions related to the steps that must be followed to make the appropriate decision as toreject or fail to reject the null hypothesis.Submit this Application Assignment by Day 7.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Research ScenarioHemoglobin levels (g/dL) from the general population of adult women form a normaldistribution withm= 13.6 ands= 0.86. Several studies have shown that vegans andvegetarians suffer from lower than normal hemoglobin levels, which indicates anemia. Usingclinical data, a researcher measured hemoglobin levels from a sample of n = 100 adult womenwho followed a vegan or vegetarian diet. The average hemoglobin level (g/dL) for this samplewas= 12.5. Do these data indicate that following a vegan or vegetarian diet has a significanteffect on hemoglobin levels? Test withp=.05.Noteμ = population meanx̅ = sample means= standard deviation---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Note: Each response is worth 6 pointsStep 1: Set up your hypothesis and determine the level of significanceState thenullhypothesis1.In written formatAnswer: The hemoglobin levels of adult women who followed a vegan or vegetarian dietare the same as that of the general population of adult women2.In mathematical formatAnswer:m= 13.6State thealternativehypothesis3.In written format-Continued below-
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