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Running Head: Public HealthPrinciples of Public Health
Public Health1Health status affected by the economic and social condition is known as the determinantsof health. People’s working and living conditions are affected by these factors in their everyday’s working. Health is affected by certain reasons which are heavy working hours, stress ofwork life or personal life, severe diseases, etc. major factors which affect the health of anindividual is workplace and its environment, genetics, income, education level, work status, etc.Along with these factors, friends and family members are another crucial factor which couldaffect the health of an individual in positive or in negative manner. It is generally observed thatindividual with high income does not face health issues while people with less income suffersfrom huge health issues. In order to reduce these health determinants, various health and socialcare centres have initiated campaigns for spreading the awareness amongst the public.Apart from the health and social care institutes, government of UK has established variouscourses through which people are literate for dealing with such health determinants. Varioustypes of inequalities have also been noticed in workplace environment, outside the workplace aswell as within the families. These inequalities reduce the confidence level of the individual and italso affects the health condition in negative aspect. Generally, inequalities are performed by thesenior authorities by misusing their powers. Apart from the workplace environment, inequalitiesare performed on the basis of disabled, colour, sex, caste, etc. Under this essay, various measureswill be discussed in accordance with adaptation of actions to improve the health conditions aswell as to tackle inequalities in UK. Heath and social care centres, professional doctors, nurses,etc. plays crucial role in improving the health conditions of the individuals. Along with theprofessionals, individuals also need to adopt certain steps through which they could be able toreduce the impact of health affecting factors (Barten, Fustukian & De Haan, 2009).
Public Health2Social determinants of health which affect the condition of the individuals are the jointset of scenarios such as grow up, live, work and born. Under this, education, health system,financial security, housing and the built environment are being included. According to WorldHealth Organization, various social and economic policies needs to be builds up in UK inrelevance with decreasing the impact of the factors which are leading to the health andinequalities factors (Cooper & Clarke, 2011). As per the analysis, it has been observed that thesesocial determinants are majorly responsible for unfair health “inequalities”. Thus, the healthconditions which are impossible to cure still have chances to be cured and those conditionswhich arise due to human faults. The social determinants which are controllable should beavoided on the priority basis. Following are some of the social determinants which affect thehealth conditions:In England, people living in the luxurious locations are living 7 years more that thepeople living in the lowliest areas.England’s average difference in the life expectancy between the luxurious and poorestareas is 17 years.Average men’s life in rich areas in Scotland is 11 years more than the average life of menin least deprived areas.There is an average gap of 18.5 years in the individuals living in rich and poor locationsin terms of living in good health conditions.In terms of lack of knowledge and education, unskilled labours are more affected bycancer in terms of professionals.Northern Ireland have same situation and there people living in poor areas are dying 8years before than the people used to live in richest areas (Davis & Souza, 2009).
Public Health3Income gap also leads inequalities such as economic and it becomes the determinants of health.Relationship exists between the health and the income and it causes severe issues to theindividuals. It can also be reviewed from the above figures as well as the prediction could bemade in accordance with the income and the health status. Low income, lack of educationfacilities, unemployment is the major reasons which affect the health conditions of individualsand these are known as low economic status. All these factors lead to unhealthy workingenvironment as well as it develops a negative image amongst the users regarding the workplaceenvironments (Healy, 2011).In accordance with reducing the effects of economic healthinequalities, UK government needs to adopt certain strategies which could reduce the economicinequalities. In order to improve the health conditions in UK, nursing services could also bearranged. Nursing services will play a crucial role in the enhancement of the performance of theindividuals with less income and in the same manner; it will provide adequate benefits to theindividuals in order to live the life in an adequate environment. These services should beprovided to the less income group of people at cheap costs and the same services should berendered to the richest areas at high prices. This is necessary because people with less incomeand with lack of economic stability will not be able to spend much on improving their healthconditions while it can easily be beard by the rich people (Hughes & Ferrett, 2012).Public health issue is increasing rapidly and the major factors which are responsible for this aresocial inequalities in health and it has been a greatest challenge. Public health issues majorlyarise in the streets where generally low deprived people used to live. People over there havemajor chances to get infected through various physical and mental issues (Ki & Hon, 2012).People with less income suffer from many diseases in comparison with people of high incomegroup. For instance, people struggling on roads without homes and with no jobs in hand need to
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