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Running head: PUBLIC ACCESS COMPUTINGPublic Access ComputingName of Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1PUBLIC ACCESS COMPUTINGRequirement GatheringPublic Access Computing rooms are where the general people go for their basicneeds of computing when computers or internet accessibility is unavailable for them (Gomez,2014). Below, the requirements of the Public Access Computing project for the Madtown’sCity Council is being listed and discussed. The requirement report would state the questionsthat have been put forward by the Requirement Gathering team and would be followed byanswers as given by the client.Question 1:What is the project?Answer:The project being planned is for the public’s own good. The City Council is willing tobuild a Public Access Computing (PAC) room inside the city library. The project team isrequired to develop a concrete plan for the whole setup and guide the council to bring theproject to life. The PAC is a system adapted by institutes or government sectors in order toprovide free or cheap computer service to them who cannot afford or access one in general.This encourages relationships and learning opportunities (Baron and Gomez, 2013).Question 2:What are the aims and objectives behind this project?Answer:The aims and objectives that the council wishes to fulfill through this project are asfollows:
2PUBLIC ACCESS COMPUTING1. Provide computer facility to all.2. Provide internet access to all.3. Help the public with cheap options to use computer and internet facilities.4. Provide free internet access to students and library cardholders.5. Teach the basic uses of computing and internet (Gomez, Fawcett and Turner, 2012).6. Provide guidance and computer hardware support to those in need.Question 3:How does the client wish to provide computer facility to the public?Answer:The Council has planned to set up six computers in one of the corners of the PublicLibrary. This would allow computer access to many people at a time. Therefore, people of allages can visit the PAC Room and gain access to the computers without having to wait muchfor their turn.Question 4:How does the client plan to provide internet access to the public?Answer:The council wishes to set up the computers with high-speed internet. The public musthave access to all sort of general websites and information sources through the internet. Theusers must not feel that the council is providing low-class internet access in the name ofcheap facilities. However, there must be restrictions on what they are allowed to access.
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