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Running head: PUBLIC HEALTH IN PRACTICEPUBLIC HEALTH IN PRACTICEName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1PUBLIC HEALTH IN PRACTICEAccordingto human rights, each individual on this earth deserves the right to attainquality healthcare related to mental and physical health with proper access to healthcare services,food, shelter, sanitation healthy work related environment and clean atmosphere (Donnelly,2013). However, due to political, social and economic factors, several gaps arises that prevent asection of the society to receivesuchrights. Despite governmental attempts to connect thesepeople to the mainstream society, instances occur that detach them fromthe entire communityhence, information, and policy oriented program cannot reach out to them (Hathaway, 2017).This section will be creating an outline of a forthcoming assignment in which, the gaps related toAboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and their healthcare needs will be discussed. Further aprocess through which the information and the service can be providedto these people in overallcommunitywill be discussed and aims and objectives will be outlined.The prime aims/objective of the assignment will beTo report the gap present in the services for aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’sfrom a health perspective using a human right based approach.Further, the assignment will provide an outline the process of arranging a healthcampaign to fill the gap present in the healthcare needs of Aboriginal and TorresStrait Islanders.This assignment will develop a long term comprehensive plan so that the needs,present inequalities and other existing disparities will be identified. Further it willhelp in understanding the health expectancy and healthcare related equalitiesbetween non-indigenous Australians and aboriginals within the society.
2PUBLIC HEALTH IN PRACTICEFinally it will ensure collecting data from the previous researches to understandthe extent to which these aboriginals and Torres strait islanders have beendeprived of their healthcare needs.For this purpose a literature review will be conducted to understand the previous researchwork conducted to understand to what extent the gap is present within the society and what arethe governmental moves to mend the gaps between aboriginal people and quality healthcare. Thedatabases that will be used for this purpose are google scholar, PubMed, Cochrane and CINAHL.The searcher terms, that will be used are ‘aboriginals healthcare rights’, ‘healthcare unmet needsof aboriginals in Australia’, ‘Australian aboriginals unmet healthcare needs’, ‘unmet healthcarerights of Torres strait islanders’.Further, the search will be narrowed so that more and moreliteratures can be found. Diabetes and obesity related healthcare needs of aboriginal and TorresStrait islanders will be searched. Theassignment will be presented in a reporting format, wherean introductionof the issue related to the gap present in the healthcare process for aboriginal willbe presented. Further, the literature review will be incorporated, through which, different policyand service related gaps will be identified and process to deal with those gaps will be presented.Finally, a recommendation and conclusion will be included in the assignment.The reason behind choosing this topic in the assignment was to create an equal andquality healthcare facility for each countrymen of Australia. Aboriginal and Torres StraitIslanders are facing poor health condition in Australia compared to non-aboriginal’s heath status.However, there are several healthcare policies, services and facilities are already implemented bythe government of Australia so that they can also have to chance to achieve quality healthcare(Treloar et al., 2013). Despite of this, the rates are not in the favor of aboriginals and the primary
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