Public Health Law and Policy | Assignment

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Public Health Law and Policy
INTRODUCTIONPublic health can be defined as it is the art of protecting health, life disease provideinformed choices of society, various organizations. It deals in analyzing health of population andthe threats that have been faced by public (Burris, 2015). Public may be small or big it isessential for taking care of them effectively and efficiently. Concept of health and well beingplays a vital role that help in bringing out different aspects that influence people health. Forprotecting health and wealth of public different laws that has been governed in the country fortheir prevention of health in the future. Report emphasized on childhood and adult obesityproblem that is increasing day by day in them that affect their health. This will be increasedthrough different mediums and the major reason of obesity is use of social media by them thatinfluence their health as well as career goals in the future.MAIN BODYChildhood and adult obesityAccording to national institutes of health obesity can be defined as increasing weight of childthat was greater than 20 percent of children as compared to its ideal weight. This can bedetermined by age, height and gender. This is having a major risk factors that include chronicdiseases, cancer and problem of diabetes. It is the big cause of disease that affect health of aperson. It can be caused in children’s by lack of physical activity, eating unhealthy junk food andgenetic factor. As it can be interpreted that children’s are the active human being in lifetime butnowadays they are becoming lazy. In a survey it is found that seventy percent of the children’shave risk factor that is obesity. On the other hand, sixty two percent were women that wereoverweight and obese. It also causes psychological problem in the children’s. As children’s keeptheir eyes on mobile phones that decrease outdoor activities by them that affect health of them inthe future. If in an individual is having more body fat then this develop greater risk and lifealtering diseases that create heart failure, hypertension etc.There is rapid increase in number of children that are obese and people aretrying out the solution to cure it. If it cannot be cured now then it will affect our futuregenerations with health problems. Children can be motivated by guiding them that they shouldgo outside playing games, doing exercise that prevent their health. In developing as well as
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