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0Running head:PUBLIC RELATIONSPublic RelationsName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1PUBLIC RELATIONSIntroductionIn this reflective summary I would be discussing about the topics that I have learnt aboutthrough week 1 to week 7. I would be mainly focusing on stakeholder approach, globalizationand its impact on entrepreneurship. I would also be discussing about the challenges, problemsand issues that I have faced while attending these lessons and understanding the concepts thathave been covered in these weeks. Examination of my experience, actions, and emotions andcomparing them with the concepts learned from the literature would be carried out. The reason ofme choosing this topic is because I wish to be able to use this learning and apply them to realprojects in future.DiscussionA generic and broad definition of stakeholders is any individual or group who have thecapacity of effecting or gets affected themselves by any accomplishment of any organization’spurpose (Andriofet al.2017). Another definition of stakeholder is someone or an organizationthat is actively involved any project or whose awareness might be affected as an outcome ofproject execution or project completion (Weiss 2014).Based on the literature that I have covered in these weeks, I would be attempting toresonate them with what I have understood from the lessons. I have completely understood thatstakeholders are extremely important to any organization or project. It is important that the needsand requirements of any stakeholder are considered to ensure success. For any business orproject, their clients and end users are significantly more vital than any other stakeholder (Craneand Matten 2016). I have understood from my lessons that in any stakeholder managementprocess, a consultative approach is always recommendable in place of a unilateral decision,
2PUBLIC RELATIONSwhich does not take into account the opposing viewpoints and opinions of other stakeholders. Insuch scenarios, the best approach would be using the stakeholder management salience modelthat would be helpful in analyzing the stakeholders and identifying the main and most importantstakeholder, while at the same time correctly identifying the salience of the actual stakeholders(Bundy, Shropshire and Buchholtz 2013).Today, the organizations are going through dramatic changes as stakeholder groups areputting an ever-increasing influence on the responsibilities and place of organizations in thesociety. Some important drivers that are included in this process are organizational learning,ethics, the concept of sustainable development, the search for total quality management, and theenvironmental movement (Tantalo and Priem 2016). As the different stakeholders have thecapability of viewing these complicated problems in a quite different manner from theorganization, it is extremely vital that those people who are working with communications havethe capability of understanding the underlying intricacies of stakeholder associations. My lessonsand literature on a varied number of fields have provided with a comprehension of the elementsthat are involved in the development of an effective communication strategy. Stakeholder theoryacts as an important contributor in something it provides as a mean of discovery of the pertinentparticipants in the process (Hörisch, Freeman and Schaltegger 2014). The readings contend thatthe coordination model, as a part of this process, have the capacity of providing a unifyingframework for the identification of the nature of the associations between the stakeholders or theactors in the communication process. I have processed form the lessons that for any kind ofcommunication process to come out effective it is necessary that these models get oriented in aproper manner. The literature is built on the already existing research from differentorganizational learning field for gaining a deeper understanding of the processes that have an
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