Public Relations in Context of Globalization and Culture

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Running head: PUBLIC RELATIONS IN CONTEXT OF GLOBALIZATION AND CULTUREPublic Relations in context of globalization and cultureName of the UniversityName of the StudentAuthor note
1PUBLIC RELATIONS IN CONTEXT OF GLOBALIZATION AND CULTUREAnswer 1: Global Flux and its influence in public relationsGlobalization has caused major transformations in varied sectors including, social,political, cultural and economic. It brought about a revolution in the fields of communication andtechnology by opening the gates of the nation-states to one another(Pal and Dutta 2008). In thefield of public relations as well, globalization has had a marked influence. It has changed the waypublic relation is viewed. Many concepts relating to public relations can no longer be perceivedin the traditional manner.Globalization has given rise to a new phenomenon called the ‘global flux’. As describedby Surma (2013), the effects of global compression and flux have resulted in the formation of aglobal flux. The global flux has thus formed a state of affairs that is characterized by disjunction,chaos and complexity. The author further states that the global flux phenomenon has blurred theboundaries and cultural boundaries are no longer visible from the earlier perspective. Global fluxhas also resulted in the hybridization of the global and the local forming a ‘glocal’ reality wherethe physical distance has vanished in a sense. Global flux is thus a rupture in the very foundationof national and international, local and global. It has changed the way the world is viewed. Thecultural and political, social and economic transactions between nations have increased in a waynever imagined before.The practice of public relations has also been shaken by the advent of globalization andthe resulting global flux.
2PUBLIC RELATIONS IN CONTEXT OF GLOBALIZATION AND CULTUREScreenshot 1: Tweet about Global FluxAnswer 2: Rights of PR practitioners to speak on discriminatory cultural practices of othercountriesThe public relations practitioners have to take caution against many things whilespeaking on any issue. When it comes to speaking about issues in other countries, theresponsibility is triple folded for PR practitioners to be cautioned and careful. However, theemergence of globalization has eased the task for the PR practitioners. They now have thelicense to speak on any issue they seem needs to be opinionated. The advancement ofmultinational corporations in the recent past has allowed them to express their views on anytopic that concerns the organization or agency they work for(Fitch, James and Motion 2016).While discussing the growing power of PR practitioners, it must however be remembered thatthey still have some limits when it comes to speaking on the cultural practices of other countries.In this new postmodern age of globalization, PR practitioners have to speak on behalf ofcompanies that are based in countries with which they are not familiar. They have to be
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