Public Sector Management Assignment

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Running head: PUBLIC SECTOR MANAGEMENTPUBLIC SECTOR MANAGEMENTName of the studentName of the universityAuthor Note
1PUBLIC SECTOR MANAGEMENTIntroductionRise in the Global expansion as well as higher levels of competitions in the variousindustries have gave birth to various liabilities to prove one’s value in the society or themarket. To top the competition individuals have let go of the morality that once prevailedamongst the individuals (Frederickson and Rohr 2015).This essay deals with the issues that are mostly revolved around the public sectors andthe private sectors including the issues related to the ethics, the strategic management, themethods of evaluation of the prospects of the private sectors and the policies that are beingincorporatedThe purpose of this essay is to understand the implications and the evaluations of thevarious aspects of management related to the public sector in comparison to the privatesector.Answer 1:Ethics has become more critical in the public administration system in the latest years.The rising issues of corruption, fraudulent activities, bribery, misuse of the authority andpower within the governance has led to the breach of trust amongst the public (Fredericksonand Ghere 2013). Ethical behaviour and decisions are taken to maintain citizens’ trust as wellas ensure effective and efficient utilization of resources thus allow government to preserve anindividual’s rights along with assisting others in need. Ethics is one of the imperative components that allow a democratic system to thrive ina country. Ethics in the public organization is crucial to realize the security of the democracy.In a democratic system, the government have a commitment towards the citizens, to treat
2PUBLIC SECTOR MANAGEMENTeveryone equally and provide the maximum service to most of citizens (Van Dooren,Bouckaert and Halligan 2015). The efficient functioning of democratic government obligesthat the public sector employees should be autonomous, unbiased and dependable towards thepeople. Government policies should be prepared within the appropriate configuration ofgovernment, enforce that the public offices should not be used for any kind of personalachievement, and ensure that the public have confidence in the integrity of its government.The ethical misconduct and outrage in government pose a threat to the democratic ideologiesin the rules of administration, equity and individual rights. Fraud, bribery and other misuseswithin the government takes the power from people and gives it to a few who are in positionof control that ultimately distorts the notion of the equality of all participants of the publiclife. Since public service is a public belief, citizens anticipate that the public servantsaccording to the public interest with even-handedness and manage the public resources fairly.Ethical and steadfast services motivate trust and create a positive environment for businesses,thus contributing to economic growth (Preston and Sampford 2012).With reference to a country, Hong Kong is one the countries with good ethicalpractises in terms of administration.The Hong Kong administration is no exemption. Thequality of the Hong Kong civil service well known and the civil servants are internationallyrecognized as among the least corrupt and the least intrusive. However, the government hasfaced ethical confrontations in the recent years. In order to preserve the integrity andprofessionalism of civil service, the government has established the theory of serving thecommunity as well as being liable when it reforms the civil service and has been in effort toimprove the ethics management in its governance.In most nations in the present day, there is a higher expectation from an ordinarycitizen towards the Governments, that it would establish and distribute privileged standards

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