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Essay on Public Organisations

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Added on  2020-10-23

Essay on Public Organisations

   Added on 2020-10-23

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Public Services
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Today, in 21st century, expectations of public are much high from organisations to getsafe and sustainable life. When it comes to crime factors or criminal justice, they are no longersatisfied with such a system, which is process driven. Public demands not to get only criminaljustice services which is capable of delivering right justice. But they also want to get strict lawswhich are based on criminal preventions and are underpinned by core quality, that secure themfrom criminal activities (Rees and Mullins, 2016). In this regard, the vast majority of cases inUK are generally prosecuted by Crown Prosecution Services (CPS), that are investigated byOffice for National Statistics (ONS) and police force. Merging of these public organisationsincluding police and National Crime Agencies (NCA) aid to concern more on reducing criminalactivities in UK. Present essay is going to explore and assess the functions, roles andresponsibilities performed by public organisations, in delivering the criminal justice processes. Itfurther access the effectiveness of same in reducing re-offending and provide safety to public. The common thread which has bound the different investigating agencies of criminaljustice system of UK, is centred upon crime and make prevention from same (Schön, 2017). Itincludes Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), police force, courts, probation and prison serviceetc., where all have separated as well as distinctive functions. But they operate for overreaching acommon goal i.e. to control crime. All these are considered as public organisations of criminaljustice, which are characterised by different roles and responsibilities. It has been argued here,through perception of Kirkham (2016), that determining which public organisation in UK, that isassociated with criminal justice system is complex because of nature and operation theyperformed and entails great multiplicity. In this regard, the core agencies in respective countryof the criminal justice system can be identified in following manner:- The Police force of UK are divided into three distinct groups as per roles andresponsibilities. It includes the local branches of police, the national police bodies (OrganisedCrime Agency, British Transport Police and more), and specialist agency watchdogs (Health andSafety Executive that concerns on certain types of criminality). As per the Pace Act i.e. Policeand Criminal Evidence Act 1984, police officers have the right 'to stop and identify suspectedpeople' search their property, collect evidence against them if they found guilty then arrest them(Evans, 2016). After complete interrogation police administration has to compile reports thensend to CPS, who will allow officers to exercise their public duty. This duty refers to acharacteristics that determine nature of manner in which criminal laws operate. It leads to1
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