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Public Trust in Politicians Assignment

Added on - 01 Apr 2020

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Running head: TRUST IN POLITICIANS1Trust in politiciansNameInstitution Affiliation
TRUST IN POLITICIANS2IntroductionTrust in politicians by citizens of a state is relatively low compared to trust that is givento other personnels in other fields of work for example doctors. From an investigation carriedout, it shows that for the last 40 years trust in politicians has been declining.This decline is easilynoticeable, while other professions like doctors trust by citizens keep on improving. Theincreasing decline of trust in politicians seem to be triggered by the young guys that are joiningpolitics who do not have the competence but they overtake the old and the learned politicians inthe world.When political trust crisis happens in a state, the political analysts come and discuss thevarious issues that are going on by looking at the ideologies. These discussions tend to come upwith different solutions for the conflicts.The political analysts will differ with their solutions,great debates are held between them and the end of it they get a solution through the discussionsof the contemporary issues. Political science is related to another field in the history, that is,history of diplomacy, and the history of the public and constitutions. History of the publicfocuses on the behavior and actions of people in society. In the decade 1975 and 1995, thespecialization of professors stated relating with a social history going up, the history of politicswent down, and this is greatly affecting trust of politicians by citizens.
TRUST IN POLITICIANS3Background of political trustPolitical trust history was first written by Leopold Von Ranke in Germany in the 19thcentury[ CITATION Van07 \l 1033 ]. It was later found that his ways of investigating affected the way otherhistorians analyzedfacts and their completion of their research.In the history of politics, it isimportant to study ideology as history cannot survive without referring to it. Political history isgreatly affected by the environment that we live and specialization. Scholars who havespecialized tend to perform better than the rest who deal with various issues while studying.Earlier political history emphasized on events, leaders, movements and these made thesociety. Political history explains the evolution of ideas of politics and various issues that arefocused on the sex, tribe, and the general society rather than the wellbeing of politicians[ CITATION Van07 \l 1033 ].According to Grimes, (2006) trust of politicians by citizens is contributed by politiciansignoring the citizens who voted for them and involving themselves in activities that benefit themonly forgetting the citizens. Convolution on agendas in the parliament and government has alsocontributed a lot to lack of trust in politicians by citizens[ CITATION Gri06 \l 1033 ].Politiciansshould assure the citizens that they would work for them and stop engaging themselves inactivities that stop them from working for the citizens.Problem StatementResidents of a state are constantly faced with the disadvantage of untrustworthypoliticians in a state. Therefore, an adaptation of methods that would improve trust in politiciansby citizens in the world can be sought to enhance developments of a country, and hence
TRUST IN POLITICIANS4contribute to the overall gross domestic product of a country. The project will streamline policiesof the government, and hence provide recommendations to achieve better equity from politicians.Objectives of the studyThe study was set to analyze and examine the causes, effects, and impacts of trust inpoliticians in the world, the constraints to its improvement and ways citizens and the governmentcan integrate new techniques to achieve full improvement of the political industry. This studywas guided by the following objectives.i.To determine ways in which political trust can be further developed to improvedevelopment in the country. The improvement of political trust in the county is a tool toimplement policies that the government can use to improve the marginalized areas ofthe county.ii.To investigate various challenges that citizens face due to declined trust in politicians.Apparently, challenges to political trust do not emanate from within the government,but rather within the citizens in the country.iii.To analyze possible methods that the government and politicians can adopt to improvepolitical trust. Policy making is the most reliable method of political trust improvementand is indifferent to the improvement exerciseiv.Explore the significance of political trust in a country.v.To ascertain how environmental factors influence political trust. Factors underminingpolitical trust in the county mainly revolve around the lack of support from the countygovernment.
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