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PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE SITE1.Similarly to the common thing in a part of the cyber world, publicly accessible websiteshave both advantages and disadvantages. When any security experts try to break in thepublic network and analyze the flaws of open sites. He can find lots of major concernswith those open sites. The first major flaw is inaccurate data or false data on which, wecan't rely. Next major problem is " Data Theft", as publicly accessible sites can easilyhack by the hackers, so there is security concern regarding your data and inputs. So it canbe concluded that data security is one of the major flaws in publicly accessible site.[ CITATION Tay04 \l 1033 ]2.The open sites of the Internet makes it vital for organizations to concentrate on thesecurity of their framework, as organizations move their business operations into thepublicly accessible networks, they should be cautious with the goal that they can makecertain that there is no trade-off in the information And this information isn't available toany individual who isn't approved to see it. Security Vulnerability Information isprovided to the company, if the company is not responding to security alerts, the datashouldn't be made publically without prior information and granting permission.[ CITATION Coh99 \l 1033 ]3.To manage any kind of vulnerability or unauthorized uses on PC security, there ought tobe appropriate security mechanism. The Security mechanism is the technique, device orprocess used to implement the guidelines laid out in the Security Policy. Bycharacterizing "safe" and "non-secure" action in security arrangements, these safetymechanisms can help forestall, identify, and recover any vulnerability. Internet firewall isan excellent tool, which provides full security to company’s data and information in case
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