Purpose of Human Resource Function

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HRM can be referred to as the process of management of personnel working within the
workforce of an organisation and includes activities such as hiring, training and development,
dismissal and motivating the employees (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). This report is conducted
to gain an insight into HRM within Tesco that is a company dealing in general merchandise and
grocery items and having its headquarter within England, UK. This report is divided into two
tasks. The first task includes the purpose and scope of HRM along with effectiveness of
employee relations and employee engagement. Further, it comprises of information about
significant employee legislations. The second task consists of job description, Curriculum Vitae,
interview questions and job offer. Lastly, it constitutes the rationale for carrying out human
resource practices along with its evaluation process.
1. Overview of organisation
TESCO is a British retailer engaged in sale of product segments such as groceries,
clothing and general merchandise. It is the third largest retailer within the world when measured
in terms of gross revenue and is the largest in United Kingdom. It is constantly expanding in the
global market place with operations in 11 other countries currently. Tesco has made use of
diversification toenterproduct segments such as books, electronics, clothing, toys, furniture,
software, telecom and internet services (Bratton and Gold, 2017).
2. Purpose of Human Resource function and its roles and responsibilities
HRM is an imperative part of an organisation. It comprises of several purpose and function
that assist an organisation to carry out their task efficiently. Functions of human resource are
associated with process of appointing, sacking and recounting and choosing an appropriate
candidate for an organisation. It is illustrated which is a formal system designed for management
within Tesco. The major task of Human Resource managers falls into three main classes into
staffing, employee’s compensation and benefits as well as defines and design work.
Purpose of HRM
HRM is an effectual process that facilitates development of employee’s work associated
with knowledge, experience and skills from their work. It also aids employers and employees to
work mutually so that performance can be improved and achieve organisational goals as well as
objectives (Budhwar and Debrah, 2013).
Internal employee’s engagement:HRM works towards enhancement of efficiency of
employee’s performance to improvise quality of working criteria. The managers of TESCO
execute compulsory polices for their employees for retraining more development in performance
of their task.
Cultural sensitivity:It is responsibility of HRM to uphold cultural awareness in their
organisation. By this, employees are able to respond in an effectual manner within workplace.
Manager of TESCO are carrying out striking session and get together so that their employees
feel comfy and perform their work without any difficulties.
Functions of HRM
HRM function plays a crucial role within organisation. Their functions are implied in
process of hiring, recruitment, selection, acquisition, development, maintenance and rendering
remuneration and compensation to employees.
Recruiting and selection:Recruiting and selection processes are crucial functions of
HRM within every organisation. It assists managers of TESCO in screening and selection of
qualified candidate for a specific job profile so that they are able to preserve their organisational
objectives and goals.
Managing employee’s relation in organisation is an imperative task for HRM (Brewster and
appropriate manner in order to trim down misunderstanding and disputes between employers and
Roles and responsibilities of HRM
In organisation, there are various roles and responsibilities of HR manager. It assists them
to build and implement strategies and management of people within an organisation. The roles
and responsibilities of HR manager of TESCO are recruitment and selection of skilled candidate
for appropriate job profile. They render different training and development programmes to their
active and new employees so that they can know their duties as well as perform their work in an
efficient manner. Furthermore, by maintaining work culture of their employees, relationship
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