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WeekTable of ContentsPageLearningOutcomeCompleted?()Portfolio Tasks5Organising your ideas[suggested word count: varies per task]4LO 1 & 36Making notes with confidence(200 words)6LO 27Developing your arguments[suggested word count: varies per task]8LO 1, 2 & 38Writing your argumentative essay(900 words +/- 10%)10LO 1 & 3
9Getting a First!11LO 1 & 3Track your progress by ticking off each task as you complete it, in the final column.PORTFOLIO TASKOrganising your ideas: Are my sources reliable?In the space below, create an outline for your essay by making notes about any information youfind from class or reading list sources and from the two sources you found.Use bullet points andnot full sentences.Include in-text citations where necessary.You should add to this throughoutthe course.(150 – 200 words)Arguments in Favour (Yes)Arguments against (No)Point 1______NHS has to charge from its patientaccording to the financial capability ofpatient, so that poor people can easilyafford all the expense servicesNHS has spent 3 billion annually forproviding the treatment so it should notcharge from patient
Point 2_____NHS has faced lots of issues to reconcilethe expensive cost of knowledge andtechnology.In the year 2012, the healthcarebudget was around £800 million which wasmade significant cuts to it by Coalitiongovernment. So idea of charging cost frompatient is right.In England NHS is getting profit frompublic sector and it income wasincreased in 2016 upto 526 billion.Therefore it can provide free treatment.PORTFOLIO TASKMaking notes with confidenceThis is an in-class activity. Use the space below towrite notesas you listen to the talk.
Write a summary about what you have just listened to.(no more than 100 words)
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