The Pursuit of Happyness Film Review Essay

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Film GenreArt is considered as the most impactful measure to portray emotions and thoughts in themost effective manner. Among different art forms, motion pictures has plays significant rolesince its conception in entertaining people. It has been evolved to the wide extent with theconsiderable amount of transition and development seen in acting, directing, screen writing,cinematography and countless technical skills.In these offered fictional narratives, there exists range of film genre on the basis ofsimilarities in narrative elements or the purpose with which it is portrayed (Selbo, 2014.). One ofthe most captivating film genre is Biographical drama which fascinates large stream of people.This genre is the amalgamation of to genre Biography and Drama. Biography is a non fictionalfilm that attempts to show accurate and specific picture of life any person or comprehensivelypresent historically significant occurrences of their lives. On the other hand drama aims to movethe audiences through intense flow of emotions systematically pictured through a story or plot.Combination of both the genre, Biographical drama extends its influential reach withplethora of minds through portraying the real life incident of any person by incorporatingdramatic elements. Present report is made to compare two films picturized in this genre that are“Pursuit of Happyness”(2006) and “A beautiful Mind”(2001). Report throw light on thesimilarities and differences exists in the demonstration of these films (Fischer, 2014).Pursuit of happiness is based on the true story named Christopher Gardener. He is anEntrepreneur, Author and Philanthropist. Movie is the blue print of tumultuous times faced byChristopher Gardner with positivity, courage and discipline. It is the journey of subject to find asteady job and struggle to become a proud father. Similarly, “A beautiful mind” is the story ofNoble Laureate in Economics, John Forbes Nash. It focusses on epitomizing the life of Nashthrough elucidating his mental brilliance and illness.The most crucial part of biographic drama is that they are inspired by a true story that isthe basic story and concept is taken either from autobiography or biography written on subject'slife or it portrays the self narration made by person (Vidal, 2012). Both the movies are similarwith respect to the essence and base that is, it represents the reality by inducing more emotionand evoking a profound meaning of life. Casting in both the films is done with the balancing ofsimilarity in looks and the ability to imitate the original characteristics of the person. It hasdepicted the realistic struggles, hardships, pain and overcoming of the subjects through a
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