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Python assignmentFor this assignment, you will need to complete a few Pythonmodules available online at the Codeacadmy site. The sitehas been written for Python 2.x and not for Python 3.x,though from our perspective, the differences are very minor.Probably a couple of differences you need to be aware ofare:when you print in Python 2, you do not list parenthesis, e.g.print "Hello"when you read input in Python 2, you will see the raw_inputfunction used instead of inputthe division operator / results depend on the type ofoperands - if two integers are used, it performs integerdivision. Each module below needs to be finished - incompletemodules do not count.Go the site to an external site.)and create an account. Log in and complete the followingmodules:Date and TimePython Lists and DictionariesA Day at the SupermarketStudent Becomes the TeacherBattleshipPractice Makes Perfect
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