Python Programming - Assignment

Added on - Apr 2020

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PROPOSED RESEARCH TOPICSARTIFICIAL LIFE WITH ROBOTICSWHICH CONSISTS OF PYTHON PROGRAMMINGPython Robotics with Stage Simulator use for Programming Intelligent Swarm RobotsThis will involve investigating the feasibility of controlling a set of robots using the commonPython Robotics framework to program swarm intelligence as a cost effective alternative to realswarm robot programming. The Python Robotics programming environment will run on top of theStage (Player) simulatorMulti Document Summarization Optimization Framework Using Swarm Intelligence andGenetic Algorithms using PythonWill entail using Python to optimize the extraction of multi document summarization done throughinteger linear programming. The optimized summarization is based on the swarm intelligenceapproach and on the genetic algorithms. The aim is to use a simple and easy to implement Pythonbased optimization algorithm that achieves results comparable to those possible through strongsummarization baselinesSwarm Intelligence with Python to Generate Sports Training Plans for Athletes Based onExisting Sporting ActivitiesThis will involve extending existing capabilities of swarm intelligence algorithms and evolutionarycomputation that have been developed to have human like capabilities in assisting athletes withtheir training. The project will add an extra feature to the artificial intelligent trainer that enablesgenerate customized training plans that can be tracked using mobile tracking devicesAchieving Adaptive Swarm Surveillance using Python Programming and Social PotentialFieldsThe research will entail the development of an intelligence swarm algorithm that can detectintruders on land under surveillance. The system will be composed of several hundreds of robotsgoverned by decentralized control rules; the motion of each swarm robot will be controlled usingthe Social Potential Field framework. The environment will be artificially simulatedDetermination of the Mechanical behavior of the Cornea using Particle Swarm Optimizationwith Python and Finite Inverse Element ModelingThe research will entail a demonstration of how the mechanical properties of the human cornealoaded with IOP (intra ocular pressure) can be modeled accurately through FE (finite element)modeling and based on the PSO (particle swarm optimization) principle. The PSO capacity will be
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