Q. List and define five (5) potential benefits of deleg

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Q. List and define five (5) potential benefits of delegation.Ans. Delegation (Plawecki, L. H., & Amrhein, D. W. (2012) )is referred to the the act ofassigning responbilities or authority to a person (usually in a hierarchical manner ,that is,from a manager to a subordinate) to perform in an organization.Following are the five potential benefits of delegation:1. Minimising work load of superiorsBy assigning the regular and routine work to their subordinates the managers can thenconcentrate on their managerial and creative functions. This helps in improving managerialefficiency.2.Benefits of specializationThe managers delegates authority and responsibility to subordinates according to theirability and. This helps in enhancement of the specialization among subordinates.3.Motivation and Morale boostingDelegating authority to subordinates develops among them the feeling of prestige andstatus. It also promotes the ability to take initiative and become responsible.4.Quicker and better decision makingDelegation helps subordinate when deciding on the matters of their own while remaining intheir limits of power. Therefore, they can take quick decisions without consulting thesuperiors for all the matters.5. Growth and expansionDelegation provides more flexibility in organizational structure and hence more stratas canbe put forth in the original organizational structure .Q. List and describe the seven (7) guidelines for good delegation.Ans. When work is delegated effectively to a suitable employee with required knowledgeskills then it is known as Good delegation.Following are the seven guidelines for good delegation(Mueller, C., & Vogelsmeier, A.(2013)):1.PatiencePatience is the key to best results. When delegating a task first time, it is certainly going totake longer than doing it on own2.Don’t over-delegateOnly that work should be delegated which a superior finds as an additional task for oneselfand which could be performed by their subordinate efficiently.3.Right person for the taskWhen delegating a task, it should be made sure that the subordinate is possessing therequired knowledge and skills. Hence, making efficient use of their talent.
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