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Calculating Mean, Median and Mode from Minutes Worked Data | Desklib

Added on -2019-09-23

This article explains how to calculate mean, median and mode from minutes worked data with solved examples. It also discusses the measure of central tendency that describes the variable most accurately. The data used in the examples is from Mod1 SLP.
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Q1.As from the data received in Mod1 SLP it is clear that minutes worked per day are givenwhich is calculated by the calculating total minutes worked per day as:For example on first day a person worked from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm including lunch gapof 30 minutes. Now calculate the total time from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and then converthours into minutes so it comes as 9 hours which is as 9*60 minutes = 540 minutes. Nowsubtract the lunch time which is 30 minutes for first day so it comes as 540 -30 = 510minutesThe table we get from Mod 1 SLP is as:Work dayIn timeLunch inminutesOut TimeMinutesworked18:00 am305:00 pm51028:00 am307:00 pm63038:00 am457:00 pm61548:00 am605:30 pm51058:00 am605:30 pm48068:00 am455:45 pm54078:00 am306:00 pm57088:00 am305:00 pm51098:00 am305:00 pm510108:00 am605:00 pm480Mean = sum of all minutes worked / total no. of working days(510+630+615+510+480+540+570+510+510+480)/105355/10535.5Mean = 535.5Median is the mean value at n/2 and (n+2)/2 positions as n is even that is 10. Forcalculating the median first sort the given data in ascending order. Hence we get the listas480 480 510 510 510 510 540 570 615 630Thus n/2 = 10/2 =5 th position(n+2)/2 = 6th positionmean is thus = (510 + 510 )/21020/2510hence Median = 510Mode is the most frequent value which is reoccurring several times in the given data andthat is 510Hence Mode =510Q2.The answers got from the above question are like Mean = 535.5 , Median = 510,Mode=510 which are lower than expected as when the table data minutes values are seenone could estimate that the answer will come much higher to these values.Q3.The measure of central tendency that describes the variable most accurately is the modeand median value as they are almost similar to the given data value in the table. Thevariable that is looked for is the average minutes worked by each person so the value ofmode and median which is 510 is very close to the answer.Q4.The Box Plot is drawn as below510502.5630480495BACDE

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