QBUS2350: Project Planning and Management.

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QBUS2350: Project Planning and Management2016 S2Questions1.If you were Young, how would you respond to the director in the meeting?Answer.I would assure the director that I would do my level best to solve the problem and at thesame time will apologize for the deleted Word Perfect files, as they cannot be recovered. I wouldown up for the situation and apologize for not coordinating my efforts with others and especiallythose who were affected by the problems. I would explain the reason behind all these mistakesand not try to sugar coat my words or make an excuse for it. Next, I would have explained thereason of occurrence of these mistakes and would take full responsibilities of the mishappeningsinstead of blaming my team and others. Having said that, I would acknowledge the fact that theproject has been suffering from various issues and would enlighten the director regarding thoseproblems that can be solved easily. I would explain explicitly to the director regarding myresponse to the mistake and would suggest various steps for implementation of a solid solutiontowards these issues. While discussing these solutions, I would present my capabilities to finishthe project in a very confident manner and would note down all the issues and problems thatwere identified by the director. I would inform him that all the staff members will be presentedwith an e-mail for reporting the issues being faced by them so as to address and rectify them assoon as possible. I would mention that cooperation from the staff will be appreciated.I would ask for any other issues that people in the organization might be facing. I wouldadditionally, note down the name of the people who suffered from my mistakes and will makesure that their problems are fixed later. Following that, I would personally apologize to everyonewho was affected by these issues and would try to regain my self-confidence among all thestakeholders present in the meeting. Finally, I would request for another meeting where I wouldbe able to take notes on the remaining issues and would admit my mistakes, ask for theiropinions and thoughts regarding the project and promise to be more transparent in the nearfuture.2.What mistakes did Young make that contributed to the problems of her NTconversion project?Answer.Young committed various mistakes while doing her NT conversion project. These are listed asprovided below:
QBUS2350: Project Planning and Management2016 S21.Communication Issues:Young did not inform Greene about all the issues she had beenfacing in the project. She was seen to attend only those meeting which was supporting heragenda and therefore failed to establish a feeling of trust of familiar bond with anyone.Communication level with her assistants, superiors, and staff was inadequate leading tovarious issues in the project. Poor communication further added to the extent of issuespresent in the project. She did not attend any meeting and did not even utilize that timewith their staff so know the situation of the proposed plan. For example, her problemswith Eggert led to aggravating the situation as Eggert was not able to confide comfortablyin Young and she failed to identify the problem in the Netscape web pages. Therefore, itwas her responsibility to be highly accessible and approachable towards her superiors andstaff.2.No risk management:Young failed to predict the fire safety issues and failed inresearching the fire and safety requirements. She even ignored the Smokey, the bear signwhich presented a negative impact on the IS department.3.Lack of an effective plan:She did not propose any plan of what was needed to be doneand no idea regarding the compatible issues before she agreed to the conversion project.She did not consult her team and members regarding the execution and status of the plan.Additionally, no one was reminded of the conversion dates and their time slots. Adding tothat, she did not research the hardware of all the computers present in the office for theirdriver issues. She did not account the number of people she required for completion ofthe project and did not even provide any contingency plan to her team workers.4.Carelessness:Young acted carelessly throughout the course of the plan. She expectedthe researchers to be highly proficient in the e-mailing and database programming and
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