QSO 300 Final Project Milestone.

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QSO 300 Final Project Milestone1.Generating ValueA.The use of operations management functions by Nissan Motor Company has beendone by considering the crucial aspects. The decentralized supply structure issignificant. The consideration of diversity as a source of management strategy. Riskand emergent response emerges as a crucial function as part of operationsmanagement. The production management at Nissan too was increased to therequisite levels (Bromiley, P., & Rau, D., 2016). The stock in transit inventoryprevalent at Nissan Motor aided in reduction of the production bottlenecks.B.The company is able to achieve the completive advantage with the deployment ofresources in an appropriate manner. The shift is focused towards the demand. Withthe sales corrective actions taken and various strategies deployed, Nissan was able toachieve the needed level. Nisan prepared itself for the challenges. There werecollective actions taken which followed the rapid changing environment for thecompany. There were consolidations along with terminations and new sale points.C.With the comparison done for the service operations and manufacturing operations atthe company, the lowered cost of production of goods and the sales too at lowerprices gave it higher sales margins. This was synchronized with the manufacturingoperations too at company. The production line was slow with the similarconsideration. The creation of mission and vision both by the service operations andmanufacturing operations is significant. The contrast in both the service operationsand manufacturing operations can be witnessed with the different elementsoperational in the environment. The planning done from the service operations
involves greater planning to impact the customer mindset. With the efforts taken withthe manufacturing operations, the company considered stock in transit as theinventory mode. The operations provide value to the customers with ascertaining thedemand and the timeliness improved.Part 2Theories & TechniquesA.While PERT is a technique that has basis of project management, wherein theprojects are handled with respect to various activities. CPM is associated as astatistical technique of PM that aids in the management of activities in the project.While CPM is activity oriented, PERT is event oriented (Mazlum, M., & Güneri, A.F., 2015). The PERT over CPM would be favored by the projects - Allocation ofsupply and managing the production with the inventory strategies in the production.Favoring of CPM over PERT at the company would be restricted to time estimationsdone for production. Also controlling disasters can be organized.B.The steps to develop forecasting system encompass problem definition, gathering ofinformation and preliminary analysis done. The fourth step is linked to choosing theappropriate fitting model. The last step involves using the evaluation forecastingC.Implementing the forecasting system for the top selling product will render benefits.The production of higher quality levels in cars while keeping the margins alsoconsidered. The increase in demand felt for the vehicle is bound to grow too. Themajor categories of supply chain risk include the supply risk, operational risk, risk
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