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Running head: QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH1Qualitative and Quantitative ResearchNameInstitution
QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH2AbstractQualitative and quantitative methodologies are two different methodologies that are used inresearch. This report focuses on their similarities and differences. These methods can workindependently in an entire research, or they can work together. They involve different ways ofdata analysis. This is because qualitative analysis uses numbers while qualitative analysis usesdata in the form of text. The report also contains illustrations of why researchers and leaders indifferent organizations require to understand both methodologies. The second question concernshow transportation costs can be reduced in a fleet of vehicles. The final question provides thebest policies that should be used in an organization when dealing with the exit of an employee.
QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH3Qualitative and Quantitative ResearchQualitative research is a form of research that involves observation and measurementsthat are objectively made by one researcher and can also be repeated objectively by otherresearchers. This type of the investigation aims to deepen people’s comprehension of the socialworld. It capitalizes on people’s feelings, opinions, and experiences. It also describes socialsituations as they happen in their natural manner. It, therefore, does not attempt to influence howsituations occur. It also uses direct encounters to collect information. These involve observationand interviews(Gill, Stewart, Treasure, & Chadwick, 2008). Additionally, it takes a holisticperspective on a situation and does not just look at a given set of variables. It is different fromquantitative research in that it is inductive. This means that it aids in the development of theoriesand concepts that enable people to gain an understanding of the social world.Quantitative research, on the other hand, involves measurements, as well as themathematical, and statistical analysis of data. The data used for this research method is collectedthrough surveys, questionnaires, polls, or secondary data that is manipulated through differentcomputational techniques. Therefore, quantitative research is carried out by collecting numericaldata in a given sample or the entire population(Jablonski, n.d.). This data is generalized and usedto explain a given phenomenon.For this paper, two reports have been reviewed. The first report is; ‘The Effect of SocialMedia Communication on Consumer Perceptions of Brands’ by Bruno Schivinski and DariuszDabrowski. This report has used the qualitative methodology. The second report is; ‘The Impactof Food Price Shocks on Consumption and Nutritional Patterns of Urban Mexican Households’by Miriam Juarez Torres. This report, on the other hand, has used quantitative methodology.
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