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Qualitative research Assignment PDF

Added on - 18 Nov 2021

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Qualitative research
Content Analysis Lab Assignment
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Content Analysis Lab Assignment
Question 1
Research questions
1.Is the ideal beauty likely to be influenced by the globally published beauty and fashion
2.Does the beauty products have health implications among the human beings?
The power published beauty and fashion magazines cannot be neglected. This has been evident
through several journals that have shown massive sales of the beauty products especially those
advertised through the display of celebrities around the globe (Backaler, 2018, pp.19-35). The
study shows that most young people have struggled to emulate the lifestyle of their favorite
media celebrities with beauty brands among other fashion items and practices. However, the
question of health implications on the use of the beauty brands has been in question for many
years. (Lundgren and MacMakin, 2018) acknowledges that, like any other chemical component,
the excessive use or abuse of the products could lead to some side effects despite the parent
companies labelling and indicating that the products are health hazard free.
Question 2
From the chosen beauty brands, the first product in the list of three is the Province Apothecary
founded by Julie Clark who is the owner of the Province Apothecary company. However, the
RMS Beauty product are manufactured by the Vancouver-based company that was founded by
Rose Marie Swift who had a vision to come up with a product perceived to aid the women to
claim their right to healthy beauty. On the other hand, the Bite Beauty product is manufactured
by the Toronto-based cosmetics company that is claimed to be a worldwide market enterprise.
b.Encoding process
The motive behind the Province Apothecary beauty product was to create a skincare that is free
from irritating complexions. The product has the belief that it is made from quality ingredients
that are certified to cruelty- and organic-free that are obtained from every province across the
country. This description brings out the inclusivity nature of the advert meant to win the
customers across the entire Canadian provinces (Dwyer, 2018, p.35). The RMS Beauty products
are centered on the motive that they are free from health hazards or medical implications that can
be brought about by the use of cosmetic products that are believed to heal and nourish the skin
due to their non-toxic nature (Lores, Celeiro, Rubio, LIompart, and Garcia-Jares, 2018, pp.7085-
7102). Concisely, the Bite beauty product has the motive that it is hand-made from the natural,
organic, and food grade ingredients that are harmless to the body during application of the
cosmetic to the lips. These products are aimed to bring out the general motive to the users that
they are harmless to the human health during consumption of the products thus clearing their
doubts on health hazards and increasing their confidence during purchase to increase the sales.
c.The channel
The advertisements for all the three cosmetic products are done through the online media. The
Kiss Nation is a known website that advertises the beauty brands in Canada. This channel is
used as it is also used to broadcast songs for celebrities. By so doing, the website lures the
consumers into viewing the advertisements made on the beauty brands in the country. This
ensures that more views access the information on the cosmetic products advertised.
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