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Quality Assurance (Doc)

Added on -2020-03-01

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Running head: QUALITY ASSURANCEQuality assuranceName of the studentName of the universityAuthor note
1QUALITY ASSURANCEQuestion: 3Hospitals should have an effective plan for marinating the food security. Thus, being therisk manager for the food security, it is my responsibility to ensure the security in managing thefood service in the hospital. The steps to be promoted will involve reviewing the food qualitystandard according to the benchmark being set by the Food and Drug Administration (Platt &Carnahan, 2012). It will help to maintain the desired quality standard. Moreover, the employeesresponsible will be trained accordingly to maintain the food quality. Periodic review will be donein order to check the quality being maintained in the process. It will aware the employees aboutthe quality control and they will feel more motivated to maintain the quality standard to pass theperiodic review. The infrastructure and the premises of the food production facilities in the hospital willalso be maintained in order to prevent and contamination (Caswell, 2012). It is due to the reasonthat, hygiene factor is also important in maintaining the food quality standard. Thus, theproduction facilities will be designed in such a way that it will prevent contamination of anydiseases in the unit from outside. Accordingly, the dress code and the hygiene factor for thestaffs will also be maintained to ensure the zero contamination. Thus, it can be concluded that,maintaining all these factors will ensure that the food quality can be effectively maintained in thehospitals and it will effectively comply with the benchmark being set. Question: 2All types of organization, especially the health care organizations are more vulnerable todifferent risks. Thus, early warning system should be initiated and implemented in theorganizations in order to effectively monitor the risk potential in the organization and identify the

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