Quality Management in Business Assignment

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QUALITY MANAGEMENTAnswer to Question No 1Answer to Question 1 (a)Out of the three determinant of profitability for a firm quality is the most significant factor thataids in ascertaining the long run failure and success of a firm. Quality management is vital forany business as it aids in the maintenance of loyalty and customer satisfaction along withmitigation of risks and the expenses associated with the replacement of the faulty goods. Themaintenance of quality leads to the development of customer expectations as they are in thefeeling that they would receive quality products. Quality has been critical for satiating theconsumers and maintaining their loyalty so that they can continue to purchase even in the nearfuture.Quality influences the reputation of a firm and with the development of various mediums likesocial media with the help of which the customers are able to provide opinions and criticisms forthe quality of the product. The development of reputation is dependent on the quality of theproduct and thereby the organizations would be able to maintain competitive edge.The decline in the product quality leads to the rise in the cost for the organizations and thereforethe organizations concentrate on constructing effective quality system with the help of which thecompany is able to reduce their costs that are associated to the non-performing assets. Themaintenance of quality is useful in meeting the standards with the help of which the company isable to accomplish their objectives and goals.Answer to Question No 1 (b)A company is able to apply various perspectives on quality. The various perspectives on qualityincludes:Judgmental Perspective:This is even known as Transcendent perspective and this perspective isthe basis with respect to which all the quality perspectives are attained.Product based perspective:This is a combination of a quantifiable, relevant variable and are thedistinctions in quality has been replicating the variance in the extent of the various productcharacteristics.User based perspective:This perspective is explained as the fitness for planned exploitation.Individuals have distinctive requirements, wants and desires and therefore requires distinctivequality value.Value based perspectives:This kind of perspective place the product quality in the line of therival products and try to sell the products at a lower price.
Manufacturing based perspective:This process tries to address in such a way that the anticipatedimpact on the engineering and manufacturing practices are understood in accordance to thespecifications.Social loss perspective:This perspective of quality explains that quality if of a greater loss to thecommunity by the product after being conveyed and the other losses caused due to the functionsthat are in-built.Answer to Question No 1 (c)The explanation of quality in a company is a key part and therefore the techniques that are usedto define quality in a firm are as follows:Quality Control: managing and controlling the process to make sure that the results arepredictableQuality Management: Directing a firm so that it enhances their performance throughdevelopment and assessments.Quality Assurance: Gaining confidence that a service or a product will be effective andsatisfactory.Answer to Question No 2
1211109876543217. Customer rating is within control limit.12111098765432176543210-1SampleSampleMean__X=2.646UCL=6.264LCL=-0.971XbarChartofImportancescoreThe performance score is also within control range.
121110987654321543210SampleSampleRange_R=1.354UCL=4.422LCL=0RChartofCustomerRating,...,ImportancescoreThe individual range chart between customer rating and important score refers that sample 3 outof control.Answer to Question 2 (a)The x-bar control charts indicate that both the control charts are within limits. 5thand 12thsamples are on the mean line of customer rating whereas no sample is on the mean line ofImportance score. Therefore, according to the customer rating, we should recommend initiatingactions.Answer to Question 2 (b)The range is minimum in case of importance score. The specification limits are very near to eachother than Customer rating. Therefore, we should use Importance score for marketing Big BlueBurger.Answer to Question 2 (c)The quality manager is meeting with brand manager and the store operations manager forenhancing quality of Big Blue Burger. It could attract more customers. We should recommendconcentrating more on customer rating. The behavior of employees and various divergingopinions would increase the recommendation of Store Operation Manager. Performance,features, conformance, durability and aesthetics are required to be focused.
Answer to Question No 228252219161310741403020100SampleSampleMean__X=20.30UCL=39.93LCL=0.68XbarChartofSample,...,x1
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