Quality Services in Health Care Organizations

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HEALTH CARE 2Healthcare organizations have to be careful when selecting the type of value-based model as it determines the quality of services that they provide to their patients. In value based care, the doctors and other involved personnel are rewarded for helping people stay healthy and improving the state of those suffering from severe conditions (Porter, 2009). Medical personnel usually get appreciated and motivated when they have appropriately performed their duties by offering their patients excellent services. It is therefore possible that they work harder and more effectively as they expect something in return. There are several models of value based care whose implications to the health sector are all directed towards improving the types of services provided in hospitals. These models however differ in effectiveness, procedure of implementation and costs involved. Different managers would therefore consider the kind of model that favors the organization the most.As an executive, I would have put several considerations before deciding on the type of healthcare model to adopt in my organization. Some of the important factors include the costs involved and the quality of services it gives to the client (Porter, 2009). Cost is the most crucial as the value based models largely depend on funds to ensure that the implementation of the organization’s goals. It is always good to find out the number of patients involved in correspondence to the medical professionals available and allocate resources accordingly. A doctor should not feel over burdened in their duties and therefore the need to look into the rewards provided. Accountable care organization is a good strategy as it pays the medical professionals and hospitals for improving the quality of health care in their institutions. In this case, the board is sure that even if they spend more, it will come after the improved quality of services delivered (Cropley, 2012). There is a greater chance of people performing better at their jobs when they

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