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MATH 1065 – Quantitative Methods in Health

Added on - 04 Mar 2020

In this assignment, we had some questions. In question one: the extent to which general practice patients use the internet to obtain health information and whether this differs between generations. The second question is related to; the effects on the mood of consuming cereal bars for breakfast were examined. Last we discussed what are safe cholesterol levels.

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QUANTIATIVE METHOD IN HEALTHAnswer 1Part aAge35orover18-34100806040200PercentSymptomsMedicineAvoidReasonPercentiscalculatedwithinlevelsofAge.RelationshipofAgeandReasonFigure 1: Relationship of Age with ReasonThe above figure represents the relationship between Age and Reason. From the above figure wefind that there is a problem with the data. The “Reason” column there is a blank legendcorresponding to the age group 18 - 34. This represents missing value.Part bTable 1: 2-way table for Age and Reason
1QUANTITATIVE METHOD IN HEALTHSubject NumberVariableSource of ProblemCorrected Value35ReasonMissing ValueRemoved37ReasonMissing ValueRemovedThe above table presents the problem with the data DrGoogle. We find that for subjectnumber 35 and 37 there are missing value’s in the variable Reason.Part cAge35orover18-34100806040200PercentSymptomsMedicineAvoidReason10054.444435.555610081.481566.6667PercentiscalculatedwithinlevelsofAge.RelationshipofAgeandReasonFigure 2: Relationship of Age and ReasonThe above figure shows the relationship between Age of a patient looking for informationon the internet and the reason for searching for the information. From the above figure we cansay that1.45.56% of the patients in the age group of 35 or above searched for information aboutsymptoms before going to the Doctor.2.66.67% of the patients in the age group of 18 – 34 searched for information on avoidingseeing a Doctor.
2QUANTITATIVE METHOD IN HEALTHFrom the above figure we find that Australians who avoid having to see a doctor is higher inthe age group of 18 - 34 years. For the 18 - 34 years age group the percentage of people whoavoid seeing a doctor is 66.67% as against 35.56% in the age group of 35 or above. The “avoid”group was chosen since from the graph there seems to be a difference in the two age groups.Similarly the above figure reveals that the percentage of Australians in the age group of 18 -34 years who search for symptoms in the internet before visiting a Doctor is 18.52% as against45.56% in the age group of 35 or above. The “Symptoms” group was chosen since according tothe survey most of the Australians are searching for information on the internet.Answer 2Part a80400-40-80654321080400-40-80BarMood_ChangeFrequencyNobarHistogramofMood_ChangePanelvariable:ConditionFigure 3: Histogram of Mood_Change
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In conclusion in this assignment, we discussed some questions related to Quantitative Methods in Health Statistical Analysis.