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Running head: QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY - WEBSITE REVIEWQueensland University of Technology - Website ReviewName of the student:Name of the University:Author note:
1QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY - WEBSITE REVIEWIntroductionThere used to be a time when web designers and clients had to spend extra resourcesand bucks in the designing and development of separate websites to for different screens.Now, various gadgets with a variety of screen resolutions can run the same website. TheQueensland University of Technology, in their official website https://www.qut.edu.au/, hasadapted a responsive web design layout. The website is aimed at providing an interactive andinformative interface to the students from the university or the aspirants who wish to seekadmission in the university. The website’s purpose and objectives are described in detailthrough this report. Certain features of the website shall also be highlighted. This reportdraws keen attention to the interactive and the design aspects of their responsive website.The website is critically evaluated with the help of the Responsive Web Design (RWD)principles and the Google Chrome Simulator to test various display simulations.The Queensland University of Technology websiteAboutThe QUT website is the official business website of this university from Queensland.The University is counted amongst one of the most famous universities in Australia. Throughthe website, they wish to reach out to millions all over the world and promote their institute.The website helps the viewers to learn everything about the website. The website providesdetailed information about the various courses that are offered by the University. TheUniversities research plans are also mentioned in the website. The aspirants can browsethrough the research section of the website and gain knowledge about the university’s way ofconducting research and studies. Further, the website highlights how the University offerscustomized corporate education to enhance their students’ industry experience before they
2QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY - WEBSITE REVIEWmove out into the corporate world. The website also preaches about the University’sinitiatives to provide government and private sector internship opportunities, alongsideresearch and career consultancy. Lastly, the website tends to educate the viewers with thecampus map. They provide details of the facilities that each of their campus offers, inaddition to the extra-curricular events and programs held in the various public venues aroundthe city. Being a university website, qut.edu.au provides all the necessary features required bythe University students or other aspirants to know more about their education in theuniversity.Special FeaturesThe website offers quite a handsome set of features that are useful for educationalpurposes. The website provides a useful navigation bar that assists the user to browse throughdifferent sections or pages of the website. A navigation bar within a webpage is alwaysnecessary. It is a form of user interface that consists of precious links to take the users toother sections of the website. This clearly means that, in whichever page is the user surfingcurrently, with the guidance of the navigation bar he can promptly access other pages as well.In addition to the navigation bar feature, the website also has a good search engineoptimization. Whenever the search engines are hit with a search query about the QueenslandUniversity of Technology, the website and its other modules are shown in the results. Thismakes it easy for the users to search for specific information about the website. This featurealso helps the University to reach out to the public, thus enhancing its publicity aspects.The website contains a well-featured list of contact details of the university, itsvarious campuses and of the different sections of education that the University offers. Thestudents, guardians and aspirants are offered with this feature to reach out to the universityand query their claims, complaints, concerns or questions. The Search Staff and Contact
3QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY - WEBSITE REVIEWfeature helps the users to search for the contacts of particular staff member or of specificcourse departments. A live map with pointer locations to the various campuses is alsoattached with navigable abilities.The website allows viewers to login to the website and access the services as aregistered user. For new visitors, the website has the feature to sign in as a member. Thevisitors are asked to link their Australian Access Federation account to the website account inorder to sign in. Certain security measures are also adapted in this process, which the QUTwebsite puts in. These security features are to be discussed in details in a later section of thereport.The ‘News’ section of the website is a phenomenal feature. The section is flashedregularly with news and updates from the research, technological and other educationalfields, from all over QUT. In addition, the facility that it offers for International students toeducate themselves about the ongoing and course details of the University is a special pointout as well.The social media handle links are elegantly displayed beneath every page of thewebsite. This is a very important feature offered by almost every modern day websites. Thisfeature serves various important functions for the promotion and adds greatly to the usabilityaspects of the website.Lastly, the main feature of any website that attracts the majority of traffic is the designof it. The responsive design of the website is a key lookout. A responsive web design is theneed of the hour for any website. This allows users to visit and browse the website from anydevice of their choice, without having to worry about the visibility layout issues due tochange in screen resolution (Bryant and Jones 2012).
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