Discrete Data Types and Examples

Added on - Oct 2019

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Question 1.[Total 8 marks]a)Name the data type and explain why for each of the following:i.Number of BedroomsAns: Ordinal, Data is discrete and ordered(1 mark)ii.SuburbAns: Nominal, Data is discrete but not ordered(1 mark)b)Select two of the six suburbs (state which suburbs you have selected), use the data availableon the spreadsheet for those suburbs to construct a pie chart in Excel for each (use a 2Dformat), displaying the number of bedrooms of the different properties for that suburb.Copy the pie charts below:(4 marks)House Green wood no. of bed rooms12345
House City beach no. of bed rooms4567i.Use your pie charts from part b to compare and contrast the information that theydisplay, comment on similarities and/or differences. Stick to the information athand, do not extend to speculation on cause.Ans: Green wood has house with lesser number of bedroom as well, whereas city beach has houseswith more number of bed rooms. City beach houses have highest composition of 4 and 5 bed roomhouses where as Green wood houses have highest composition of 3 and 4 bedroom houses.(2 marks)Question 2.[Total 13 marks]a)For Rockingham, calculate the mean, median and mode of the selling price (perform thesecalculations manually, show your working on this document, you may check your answersusing Excel if you wish).Ans:MeanModeMedianSellingprice502625299000370000Show work
(3 marks)i.Use your answers calculated in part a to demonstrate and explain which is the mostappropriate measure of central tendency for property prices.Ans: Mean is the most appropriate measure, since it is grouped data divided into various categoriesof properties.(2 marks)b)Calculate the median selling price for each suburb (you may choose to do this eithermanually or on Excel, if you do so manually, type in your working, if you do so on Excel, leaveyour working on the appropriate tab on your Excel spreadsheet and paste a snip of it intothis document). Use these medians and the data found on the “additional information” tabof the spreadsheet to create a scatterplot showing the relationship between the medianselling price and median weekly household income for each suburb. Your scatterplot shouldinclude a “trendline” (line of best fit) and the equation of the trendline should be displayedon the plot (refer to “Excel Guide” for help with this if required). Copy the scatterplot below(leave all working for it in the additional information tab of your Excel file).*Hint: consider which is the independent variable to determine which variable goes onwhich axis.Ans:50010001500200025003000350005000001000000150000020000002500000f(x) = 847.63 x − 664323.69R² = 0.85Median Selling price ($)Median Selling price ($)Linear (Median Selling price ($))Median Weekly householdd incomeMedianSellingprice($)(6 marks)
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