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The Port Assignment | Storage System Facility

Added on -2019-09-18

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Question #1: Value PropositionIntroductionThe port is planning to market its new facility that has brought in various features. The sub-sections ahead in this question are trying to understand the new service aspects of the port that has been developed. Moreover, the target audience of the port will also be assessed on various parameters. The strategic goals of the port have been discussed. The port seems to be has some value proposition that will be disseminated to the customers using the marketing plan. In the end,the complete discussion has been concluded.New Service AspectsThe port has developed the storage system facility. The new storage facility has multiple warehouses, and facility to control the temperature as per the requirements of the product. Moreover, the storage system facility has been made secure by installing the security monitoring facility. The security monitoring facility has various elements such as the installation of night vision camera on various corners of the port and within the storage facility. Along with that, the storage facility will allow the users in having easy access to the multimodal transport and up to date cargo facilities. The cargo facilities will be brought in using the external parties so that the specialized service can be provided to the individual users or entities. The new service is expected to attract more customers and increase the profitability. It has been expected that the provision for security aspects at the storage facility along with the presence of temperature control functionality will attract the customers who look for facilities that provide right environment and security for their products. There are various elements that get down from the
ships that are temperature sensitive and are costly. These costly products attract uncalled for attention of unethical individuals in the locality. Therefore, the presence of security will ensure that the product stays safe till it is in the storage.Target CustomersThe target customers of the port are users from the precincts and those in its hinterland (Li et al, 2016). The target users are the local and non-local individuals who prefer to supply products using the port. The storage facility on the port will be used to store their products. The major focus will be on the exporting businesses who prefer storing their products at the port few days earlier to the export due date. Moreover, the importing businesses can also be taken into consideration that brings products from other countries or location (Hafiz, 2016). It would be a preferable choice for them to use the port’s storage facility. The storage facility will be functioning during all times and, therefore, the businesses that need to receive the products or goods in the middle of the night will also not face major challenges. The target customers, as stated earlier are all the exporters preferably from the precincts and hinterland. Along with that, the importers have also been kept on the list in case there are businesses that prefer to look for storage facility that are brought in rather than sent out. Port’s Strategic GoalsThe strategic goals for the port has been identified that will ensure that the port facility is movingin the right direction while attracting its target customers. Mentioned below are the two strategic goals identified for the port:1.Premium Quality Facilities and Services
The initial goal of the port is to ensure that the storage services that have been installed on the port are of premium quality so that it can attract all type of businesses to store their goods. The port has ensured that the quality of the services and facilities are of international standard. The port has placed inspectors who will be assessing the quality of the storage facility on regular intervals to ensure that the storage facility maintenance is being done as per the developed policies and the strategic goals. The businesses that are huge in size and of good reputation would preferably look for the storage facility that provides right environment for their products. Therefore, the focus on the premium quality facilities and services has been considered as the initial strategic goal of the port management. 2.Integration of the Port with International Logistics SystemThe port management will focus on integrating the port with the international logistics system to give it further global exposure. The integration will ensure that the storage facility is used more as the demand of the same will rise due to increment in the traffic. The major purpose behind thisstrategic goal is to attract more businesses to use the improved storage facility. It is expected thatthe integration of the port with the international logistics system will improve the reputation among the various international businesses. The increase in the reputation is likely to attract more businesses towards the facility being provided by the port.Value PropositionThe value proposition of the port is based on the three aspects, namely, the offering of the port, the offerings present in the marketplace, the need of the customers, and the value that is being proposed by the port to these customers. The image given below cleverly shows the four aspects in an appreciable manner:

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