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Water Supply System Assignment

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Question 1: What are the two types of pubic water supplies?Answer: The two types of public water supplies which are as follows:Community water supplies A municipal water system (MC). Other-Than-Municipal water system (OTM) Non-community water suppliesNon-transient non-community water system (NTNC) Transient non-community water system (TN)Note: anything above 6 months is called year roundQuestion 2: Does a best available technology for treatment take cost into consideration?Answer: The U.S. environmental protection agency has found “BAT” by analyzing its applicability in field conditions and not only in laboratory conditions after taking cost into consideration.Question 3:What is an entry point?Answer 3: “Entrypoint" is a location after treatment/chemical addition in public water system but before the distribution system. Question 4: A daycare center is open 10 months of the year with teachers and 54 children registered to attend. If the daycare center has its own water supply, would it be considered a nontransient noncommunity water system? If not, what type of system is it?
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Answer 4: It will be a non-transient non-community water system as it serves the same people year round.Question 5: Would a Brita on Tap Faucet be considered a POE (pointofentry) or POU (pointofuse) treatment device? Answer 5: It will be treated as POU as POU is the water treatment device used on single tap and POE is the water treatment device used for the entire house or building. Question 6:Is a system that uses groundwater under the direct influence of surface water a groundwater or surface water system? Answer 6: Publicwatersystems that serve 10,000 or more people which are transient NCWSs and which use chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant/oxidant. Question 7: Water suppliers must conduct monitoring. Who may increase monitoring requirements? Who may decrease monitoring requirements if such a decrease will not adversely affect the protection of public health? Answer 7: Watersuppliersforpublicwatersystems are required toconductsourcewatermonitoringby collecting samples for each of the plants which is treating a surfacewateror GWUDI. When many plants takewaterfrom the same influent,like from thesame pipe /intake, then the department can increase or decrease the monitoring requirements. Question 8: Under NR 809.07 (2) there is a table of MCLGs that are less than the MCL. Are those levels enforceable?
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