Water Supply System Assignment

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Question 1: What are the two types of pubic water supplies?Answer: The two types of public water supplies which are as follows:Community water suppliesA municipal water system (MC).Other-Than-Municipal water system (OTM)Non-community water suppliesNon-transient non-community water system (NTNC)Transient non-community water system (TN)Note: anything above 6 months is called year roundQuestion 2: Does a best available technology for treatment take cost into consideration?Answer: The U.S. environmental protection agency has found “BAT” by analyzing itsapplicability in field conditions and not only in laboratory conditions after taking cost intoconsideration.Question 3:What is an entry point?Answer 3: “Entrypoint" is a location after treatment/chemical addition in public water systembut before the distribution system.Question 4: A daycare center is open 10 months of the year with teachers and 54 childrenregistered to attend. If the daycare center has its own water supply, would it be considered a nontransient noncommunity water system? If not, what type of system is it?
Answer 4: It will be a non-transient non-community water system as it serves the same peopleyear round.Question 5: Would a Brita on Tap Faucet be considered a POE (pointofentry) or POU (pointofuse) treatment device?Answer 5:It will be treated as POU as POU is the water treatment device used on single tap andPOE is the water treatment device used for the entire house or building.Question 6:Is a system that uses groundwater under the direct influence of surface water agroundwater or surface water system?Answer 6:Publicwatersystems that serve 10,000 or more people which are transient NCWSsand which use chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant/oxidant.Question 7: Water suppliers must conduct monitoring. Who may increase monitoringrequirements? Who may decrease monitoring requirements if such a decrease will not adverselyaffect the protection of public health?Answer 7:Watersuppliersforpublicwatersystems are required toconductsourcewatermonitoringby collecting samples for each of the plants which is treating asurfacewateror GWUDI. When many plants takewaterfrom the same influent,like from thesame pipe /intake, then the departmentcanincrease or decrease the monitoring requirements.Question 8: Under NR 809.07 (2) there is a table of MCLGs that are less than the MCL. Are thoselevels enforceable?
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