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Integrated Marketing Communication for SIVA Car Rentals' 'Pick you up, Take you back' Service

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SIVA Car Rentals has introduced a new service of 'pick you up, drop you down' to attract customers and shift their focus from competitors. The company will use integrated marketing communication to combine all promotional tools for increasing effectiveness. This approach will help the company to increase sales, build customer relationships, and provide a competitive advantage. The clear messages conveyed through various promotional tools will make the service more reliable and convincing for customers.
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Question 4‘Pick you up, Take you back’SIVA car rentals has innovated their service quality by providing pick up and dropdown to the customers from their location. They have always believed that their customersdeserve a quality service. For this reason the company wants to strengthen their relationshipwith the customers by working on the modification of their services. The additional service of‘pick you up, drop you down’ will be the first step in attracting the customers and shiftingtheir focus from the competitors (Kitchen and Burgmann 2015: 35). The company will make use of the simple concept of integrated marketingcommunications which ensures that different forms of messages and communications areconnected together. By using the approach of integrated marketing communication SIVA carrental will combine all the promotional tools of marketing for increasing effectiveness. Integrated Marketing CommunicationMarketing mix contains the 4P’s out of which promotion is one and it has its own setof communication tools. The efficiency of these communication tools will improve if they areused together rather than in isolation. The various forms of promotional tools that will beused by SIVA car rentals are- advertising, direct marketing, personal selling, public relationsand sales promotion. Even though integrated marketing communications need a lot of effortbut it has the ability to provide a number of advantages. The benefits include competitiveadvantage and increase in sales and profit and at the same time save time and stress. By usingthe approach of integrated marketing communication SIVA car rental will be able to increasetheir sale of service which will be appealing to the senior management (Luxton, Reid andMavondo 2015: 40).
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