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ONLINE ASSESSMENT ANSWER BOOKLETSIM ID:10222114DATE:(25/11/2020)NAME (as reflected in your SIM e-Card):CelinePiong Jing LingCLASS NO.:L01RPROGRAMME:Management Foundation StudiesMODULE CODE & TITLE:IOM - 1079_204312 page bookletINSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES:1.Fill in the required details as stated above.2.Read all instructions on the cover page ofthe question paper carefully.3.Begin each answer on a fresh sheet.4.Write the question number at the top ofeach page.5.Any candidate found using, or attemptingto use, unfair means will be reported anddisciplinary action will be taken.QuestionsAnswered(students to listbelow)For Lecturer’sUse OnlyMarksTOTALMARKS
Student AnswerFor Lecturer’sUse OnlyMarksQuestion Number: __1 (a)___The first challenges is to build competitive advantage.Is the abilityto perform better than its competitors.Airbnb is more efficient andinexpensive accommodations.Managers need to be innovative and be responsive to customers’needs and wants.For example:Airbnb can produce good quality andservice better than their competitor.This method can be apply invarious country.In addition,the second challenges is maintaining ethical and socialresponsible standards.An organization has an obligation to protectthe interests of its stakeholders.Airbnb slashes 25% of staff becauseof the coronavirus pandemic crushes the travel industry.The third challenges is maximizing the contributions of a diverseworkforce.Manager should know how to motivate and maximize theskills,knowledge and experiences of a diverse workforce.Mustestablish sound human resource practices and policies that do notdiscriminate against employees.For example:Airbnb need todevelop,implement and maintain ongoing training.The fourth challenges is utilizing new information technologiesefficiently and effectively.Airbnb has transformed global travelusing digital technology to connect millions of guests with privatehosts.The last challenges is practicing global crisismanagement.Organizations need to manage crises properly andminimize the damage.Airbnb reduce the number of employees.Page1of 12
Student AnswerFor Lecturer’sUse OnlyMarksQuestion Number: _1(b)______The first impact of stakeholders is stockholders who provide theorganization with financial capitals.As such,the organization has anobligation to protect the interest of its stockholders in the form ofreturns on investment.When Airbnb earning are low,more financialleverage results in higher losses for stockholders.Second is managers.Represent and make important decisions for theorganization.It is because they carry the responsibility for aligningthe performance of employee.Third impact of stakeholders is employees.They should be givenfair treatment.Employees desire attractive salaries and benefits,safeand healthy work environment and opportunity for growth andadvancement.For example:salary will be deducted and some slashesby Airbnb.The fourth impact of stakeholders is customers.Customer count onthe organization to provide them with quality products that are safeand reliable,and at fair price.Example:reduce the cost of companyAnd stay/remain competitive.Last,is community,society and nation.They large affected by thepractices of the organization and its manager.Page2of 12
Student AnswerFor Lecturer’sUse OnlyMarksQuestion Number: ___2(a)____Classical decision model assumes that managers are logical andrational and that they make decisions that are in the best interest ofthe organization.Yes,it is.First is a clear defined problem.This model assumes thatthe decision-maker has clearly set goals and knows what is expectedfrom him/her.Next is decision makers have access to complete information.Canidentify and evaluate all alternatives rationally and logically.Third reason is decision makers can derive at the best solution to theproblem.Lastly,the goal is clear and well defined.Page3of 12
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