Questionnaire for Gambling Business Owners.

Added on - Sep 2019

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Questionnaire for Gambling Business Owners1.When did you start the business and what was the motivation to start this?2.What is your customer base now on an average day? How many of them are overseascountry wise?3.How do you find the last 3 years business results?4.Do you find growth in overseas customer visits in last 3 years? Do you have loyalcustomers?5.How do you find currency exchange impact on your business?6.Is it the key concerning factor for your business or any other factor?7.How do you manage currency exchange for the overseas players? Do they make currencyexchange at your place or outside?Questionnaire for Overseas customers1.Gender, Age, Income and regionIf not willing to give gender and age, use don’t prefer to answer as your option. Age andincome can be written for ex- 10-20 years in age group manner and $10000-20000 USDannually2.How often do you involve in gambling?A.DailyB.WeeklyC.MonthlyD.QuarterlyE.Half yearlyF.Yearly3.How often do you come to Macau for gambling? Is gambling your primary motive behindcoming to Macau?
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