Questionnaire from the proposal Primary Source of data

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Questionnaire from theproposal
Primary Source of data collectionThe data will be collected from 25 foreign people living in UK since 10 years or above.These are the people who are working at managerial level in the companiesQuestionnairePersonal informationName: ______Age: _______Factors that motivate firms for offshore outsourcingQuestion 1: What are the skills based on which you hire employees from foreign countriesrather than UK? (Mark all that apply)a) Technical skills b) Sense of discipline and self-motivationc) Better than native candidatesd) Any other reasonQuestion 2: What is the main reason of the companies for hiring people from othercountries? (Mark all that apply)a) Cheap availability of labourb) Strong technical know howc) Better understanding possessed by the person on stated subjectd) When the company is planning expansion in that countrye) Highly or over qualified work forcef) Any other reasonQuestion 3:Do you find any communication barrier in the employment process?a) Yesb) Noc) SometimesQuestion 4: Increase in the productivity is the only reason of off shoring preferred by theemployers?a) Strongly Agreeb) Agreec) Neutral
d) Disagreee) Strongly disagreeQuestion 5: Is the employment from offshore is helping in generating higher profits for theenterprise?a) Strongly Agreeb) Agreec) Neutrald) Disagreee) Strongly disagreeQuestion 6: What are the problems faced by the companies while opting for offshoreemployment? (Mark all that apply)a) They have to be provided with training and developmentb) They are taught with the working ethicsc) To provide training regarding foreign languages to mitigate language barrier.d) The employee may not prove to be that much productivee) Reimbursement of their travel to the home country on yearly or semi-yearly basisf) OtherPreference of people to reside in foreign nationQuestion 7: Since how many years are you living in UK?a) 10 Yearsb) 10 - 15 yearsc) 15 – 20 yearsd) 20 or more yearsQuestion 8:What is the purpose of your stay in UK?a) Employmentb) Businessc) Familyd) Higher educational coursese) Other Question 9: What made you shift in UK?

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