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Questionnaire1.Would you be interested in visiting the theme park?a.Yes b. NO2.Is the opening hours are acceptable?Yes b. NO3.How many hours you like to spend in theme park?a.1-2 hrs. B.3-5 hrs. C.8-10 hrs. d. More than 10 hrs. 4.How many times you visit the theme park in a year?a.Once b. Twice c. Thrice d. Monthly5.Where did you hear about the theme park?a.School/ College b. Advertisement c. Newspaper d. Others6.What do you want to add as new activities in the theme park?_______________7.With whom you would like to visit the theme park?a.Friends b. Family c. Others8.For you what is the theme park is all about?_____________________9.What kind of activities do you want to try in a theme park?a.Climbing b. Zip lines c. Horse riding d. Others10.What would be the motivational factor to visit the theme park?a.Amusement b. Adventure c. Contact with nature d. Others11.How much far you can go for a theme park?

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